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Female Submission Wrestling Encyclopedia

Welcome to FSWE!

This is an attempt of Male vs Female Forums to create an online encyclopedia of female submission wrestling.

This website is intended to be a place where all the information about this form entertainment could be gathered and saved for the future. At this moment the information is on hundreds of websites, and in private hands, scattered all across the globe, and I have this persistent fear that most of it will be lost as the generations pass.

Thus we need your help! Your knowledge is important. Your contribution is crucial, because this is after all a collaborative project. Without dedicated people who find joy in sharing their knowledge with the world this place won't grow.

Everybody can receive the right to create and edit articles by simply registering. But before you start, please read what I consider The Necessary Approach should be. It contains information about the structure that I suggest for the wiki, and various article formats.

At this moment the website is at the stage of being set up. Please visit this thread on MvF to leave your thoughts / suggestions.

I hope it all works out well!