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If you enjoy the project, please support WrestleWiki by one of the following means:

Becoming a editor

First see the We need your help! page.

Contributors are of utmost importance to WrestleWiki at the moment. There is minimal content, and unless we can form a team of devoted contributors sharing their knowledge and experience on a constant basis, WrestleWiki will not grow.

Becoming an editor is easy. Just register an account and drop me an email at zweig AT indicating your username in order for me to activate you as a contributor. Then you can start editing / creating pages.

Here are two pages to get you started: Editing WrestleWiki & Articles Pending Creation.

Linking to us

If you own a website you might consider supporting WrestleWiki by linking to it. It will give us publicity and raise our ratings in search engines.

For ways of linking to us, check out this page: Linking to FSWE.


Donations through PayPal are closed now. Please contact me directly at zweig AT in order to donate to the project.

Thank you!