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This template should be used when creating production company / club articles.


Copy and paste this blank form to the beginning of your article. Fill out the available data, leave out the rest - do not delete any lines from this template, to ease the job of editing the article by anyone who might have additional information.

{{Company box
| name            = 
| image           = 
| caption         = 
| location        = 
| years_active    = 
| website         = 

Here's an example of a filled out template:

{{Company box
| name            = DWW
| image           = DWW-logo.jpg
| caption         = DWW logo used in their videos.
| location        = Vienna, Austria
| years_active    = 1992 - present
| website         = http://www.dww.at

You should always try to include an image in a production company article, even if it's a logo. In this instance the image is DWW-logo.jpg. To include an image, you first have to upload it to the wiki by going to Special:Upload and choosing the file on your computer. After the upload you have the options to rename it and give it a description. Then you will just have to input the filename into this template.

If you need further assistance with filling it out, feel free to send me an email to zweig [AT] wrestlewiki [DOT] com

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