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Welcome to the online encyclopedia of female submission wrestling!

This website is intended to be a place where all the information about female submission wrestling could be gathered, saved and shared. At this moment the information is on hundreds of websites, and in private hands, scattered all across the globe, and we have this persistent fear that most of it will be lost with time.

Thus we need your help! Your knowledge is important. Your contribution is crucial, because this is after all a collaborative project. Without dedicated people who find joy in sharing their knowledge with the world WrestleWiki will not grow.

Everybody can receive the right to create and edit articles by simply registering. But before you start, please read Editing WrestleWiki first. It contains information about the structure that I suggest for the wiki, and various article formats.

If you are not able to participate in the creation and development of WrestleWiki, or can not donate your time & knowledge for some reason, you might want to consider other ways of Supporting WrestleWiki.

To comment on the project, or leave suggestions about this particular page please visit the Discussion page of this article.

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A few more words

The world of female submission wrestling is huge nowadays. There are hundreds of companies producing videos with thousands of female wrestlers who all participate in what brings us all joy and satisfaction - female submission wrestling that has reached us through the lines of Judell Du Long, Beatrice Goffin, Festelle, DWW...

It is not a secret that only love of the sport and true devotion to it by you, dear members, can make this project work. A collective act of creation is what should give it a start. And once it gets to a point where people could refer to it, come and read specific details about the history of female submission wrestling, and its present, we will know that we have achieved what we should be proud of. It shall mean that we have gathered as much information as we can from the fans of this amazing sport from all around the world, and we are saving it for the history. Because, it bears repeate, since we started gathering information about the subject, we realized that it is just not easily available. That some specific questions could only be answered by an amazingly few number of people via personal correspondence, or the wrestlers themselves, or the people behind the production companies. And thus we started to fear, that as the generations pass this valuable piece of history will get lost.

There is no single spot on the world wide web that would be a safeguard of the history of female submission wrestling. No source where you could go for information. Every website is specific to a production company or a wrestler. There are some yahoo groups about the past, and some websites that sell classic, but, alas, mostly forgotten videos. But that is more or less it. And it is not enough.

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