Brandenburg Collection

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Brandenburg Collection
Location NY, USA
Years active 2002 - 2012
Website N/A

The Brandenburg Collection was a site based in the USA, launched in 2002 - the proprietors had acquired access to a wealthy East European's private video collection, which they then were able to distribute and sell. Known among the European wrestling fraternity as the Brandenburg Collection, these videos were shot at a health club close to his summer estate in Estonia. The Brandenburg Collection was organized into three categories of match - F/F Competitive, F/F Erotic and F/M Competitive.

The idea behind the Brandenburg Collection was simple but exciting - take local ladies and offer them the chance to win more money in one match than they could make in a month at their regular jobs. The resulting matches had few rules and featured some of the fiercest and most competitive fighting ever captured on video. Some of the girls had had martial arts training in judo, kickboxing, or wrestling while others were strictly amateurs who relied solely on their natural catfighting tactics to win a fight. These competitive fights were REAL, and the action was violent and savage!

The company seems to have ceased activities and closed their website in 2012. However the Joan Wise sites have taken over the distribution rights so that the original catalogue is still available in the main.

Notable Wrestlers

Submission wrestlers who have either started their careers at Brandenburg Collection or been an integral part of the company include the following: