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Important: We are in the "work in progress phase". Some articles may look half finished, some wrestlers don't have an article and etc. To help us, go to We need your help!.

Currently we have more than 1500 wrestlers.

What is this website about?

This website is intended to be a place where all the information about female submission wrestling could be gathered, saved and shared. At this moment the information is on hundreds of websites, and in private hands, scattered all across the globe, and we have this persistent fear that most of it will be lost with time.

What do you find here?

Articles about female submission wrestlers, producers, production companies, magazines, and more. We are still busy with making each article complete.

Finally, a complete female submission wrestling website

There is no single spot on the world wide web that would be a safeguard of the history of female submission wrestling. No source where you could go for information. Every website is specific to a production company or a wrestler. There are some yahoo groups about the past, and some websites that sell classic, but, alas, mostly forgotten videos. But that is more or less it. And it is not enough.

Share your own knowledge

We encourage you to contribute to make this website bigger, more complete, and more accurate.

Featured wrestler

Veve Lane

Veve Lane is an American wrestler.

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