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Farewell Statement by G.R.

Friends, Fans, and Customers, Lend me your Ears, I came to say Good Bye, Not to praise me. The evil that one does lives after him; The Good is oft interred with his bones “Time gives and time takes”

Still, many of you might very well know and remember that for DWW and for the idea that stood behind DWW I always gave my heart, my blood and my passion. Therefore unfortunately often I had invested far too much of my energy and of my emotions into my project. That energy which I had invested too much I am sadly missing today. Both my mind and my body had a certain limited potential only, but that potential I had invested way too much and way too early. Did I even waste it? During the past 25 years both my body and my soul have had to pay huge tributes for creating that project and for managing for what it has become. During the past few years I had unsuccessfully tried – often again and once again -to regain those energies, but to no avail. There wasn’t enough left that would have been necessary in order to continue this project. My age, my health, my mental state and my mind couldn’t do this to the extent to which my very high quality standards were met. And things by halves don’t make any sense. Envy, nagging, lies and resentment discussions with alleged “competitors” and supposed “fans” both head to head and in various online forums cost me too much energy and made me sad and depressive. At times the treatment and the mobbing of my person in the internet age became frustrating and disappointing even though I always wanted only the best for everybody who belongs to that scene while I had just tried to mediate a common sense between the interests and wishes of the performing women, the interests and wishes of the many – often self contradicting - fetishes and niches requested by our fans and the commercial and organizational reality. Those who knew me did certainly know that I had always placed much value on friendships and fair conditions and that I had always taken care of every customer and fan and of course of every wrestler, too, as if they were best friends, whether or not they were sympathetic or unsympathetic. At our events I had always tried to create a nice family atmosphere while I was there and I had always tried to encourage people. Fortunately I was successfully encouraging even the most timid fans. Too often I was sadly disappointed by people even from my inner circle, who actually would have had to owe me a lot of sympathy for all what I had done for them in the past. All this cost me a lot of strength, especially mental power. Unfortunately you don’t feel that loss of mental power immediately. You just feel it when you’re getting older until much later in life. Piracy and lack of respect for my products and for the work that stood behind the videos and for the huge investment that had made such products even possible caused more and more frustration plus emotional and finally financial distress. "Who is doing something is always guilty. Who does not, earns the praise." That quote is true. You can never please everyone. My original intentions started from 1988, when this dream began: Being a fan of athletic and competitive women myself, I had said to myself: "Once upon a time somebody might have to do that, so why not me?" Those dreams - later coming true step by step - are still to be seen and to be followed on this website: “Let the women have real duels, not the fake ones. Let’s see them muscle versus muscle, emotion versus emotion, beauty versus beauty. Let’s see successful female athletes of different sports comparing their muscles and strength in all possible variations which they are ready to exercise safely and on their own will. Let’s see who would be the stronger woman and who’s triumphant. Let’s see how the loser feels and how she reacts. Let’s express them their sensuality and their possible erotic feelings for each others beautiful and often muscular bodies during a real female physical competition. At the same time let’s visually capture the eroticism of women and the beauty of their struggle and their beautiful and athletic bodies and let’s delight us with these pictures.” I have – at least I still hope so –more than fulfilled that little dream. Not everything that we had produced meets my expectations today. Too much wasn’t always genuine and honest, especially during the recent years. It was that tendency that began to kill my interest in my own productions step by step, simply because there was a simple reason why I originally had begun: Because there was far too much fake and too little sportiness in the women wrestling videos of the early times. This new fake trend that I had hoped having defeated many years ago, however, was unstoppable in recent years due to the Internet SubSub-niche formation. But even in the "sporty direction", there started an alarming tendency of increasingly brutal and pretty dangerous wrestling holds that were no wrestling holds at all but jiujitsu holds that began to disgust me. While in normal consensual duels and brawls that were always held under consensual rules and supervision and while even in the often brutal BSA fights of these well-trained athletes with well thought out and always supervised rules there was virtually no fear of danger or injury, the jujitsu holds that were unfortunately “imported” by more and more women who travelled independently to other producers were far too dangerous and destroyed the natural erotic of a female fight, and therefore I wasn’t ready to take that responsibility any longer. The enticement of women on our team by a few so-called fans who unfortunately attended our events incognito for other producers who didn’t know sufficient good women wrestlers of their own, always with the intention to lure our wrestlers from my team, did not help to continue in the then good team and family atmosphere. The family was divided by more and more dark and egoistic intensions – often on the basis of personal financial interests - and therefore my interest and my objectives were destroyed step by step until those became literally non existent. Did I achieve anything GOOD with DWW, except that I destroyed my health and that I am emotionally and mentally broken today? Shall there be some memories out there, perhaps left for eternity? Has all that been worth the hassle? Should I have better done something else? I don’t know. Other people and the future will have to decide. I can’t. You must never expect any gratitude since you’ll get gratitude only as long as you’re at the top. Then you’re being adored by many people, even by those you don’t really know. Only 10-15 years ago many of you would have erected a monument for me, just in order to please me. However, once you’re gone and down, their memories become short, and there’s always only very few of them who’re still going to contact you and who’re going to remember you and even less who even miss you and your products. Usually you’re being lost pretty quickly into oblivion. Even all that stuff what one has created during 25 years is going to be forgotten quickly, simply because there is new stuff and there are new heroes. The matter of fact that there wouldn’t have been any new heroes and no new quality stuff at all if DWW would have never existed is a totally different story. However, only the really old fans who still know the old times of before DWW had existed will be able to judge that, simply because they will remember what I had done. I strongly believe that my summer events were legendary and all of the guests hopefully still being alive will probably still missing those, as these events were a real annual friendly meeting of our scene. Mallorca and Ibiza were exceptional and almost beyond reality. Of course I’ve had a “Dream team” of athletic and beautiful women during these times. They had been a team of absolute superheroes that never happened to exist nearly as good and as famous again, neither prior nor later. Luzia, the original Eva, Kriszta, Anna L. and Monika N., Barbara, Christine, Melanie et al is just a short list to name only a few of the superstars from our best times. The summer events were an idea that came into my mind in 1995, but soon I made it a reality, while many people had thought that I am crazy and that this would be impossible to organize. Firstly they thought that this was just an impracticable and too expensive strange fantasy of mine. However, I had a goal and I ran it through, and it worked out. "Yes, you can do it" - this has always been my motto while I still had enough energy. The conventions in Germany and in the United States would not have been what they were without my selfless investment of money and labour. Many people had been grateful to me then, but as always, it had been gradually forgotten today. Of course I had fun doing that, otherwise I would not have done it since I had wasted a lot of money there. However, if I am honest I must admit that this massive stress of the events and conventions had massively helped me to ruin my health. Nowadays I am mentally and emotionally sitting inside a deep hole, being almost forgotten, disappointed and disillusioned, and my life beginning to be a disaster that I had even once tempted for ending this earlier than necessary. Therefore I feel unable to run this website for much longer. If someone wants to purchase “DWW et al” or just part of our products, so then please contact me. But if there is no offer at a reasonable but realistic price then I’m going to throw it all in the dump or just destroy it, because for the sake of my life I’ll need a new start from scratch, as hard and sad that might sound for many of you. The current muddling plunges me even deeper into a mental hole and if that continues for much longer then it’ll be me who’s going to end up in the dump. Those who want to help and those who are still feeling some gratitude and who want to support me and DWW and those who want to have all our content because they don’t want to miss it, can do so by accepting my offer, namely being able to download everything by getting unlimited downloads or alternatively getting everything on a hard drive (the latter for EU customers only). That would help me and DWW a lot and finally it would make some hope and confidence. By the end of December this website will continue to exist with its current content. From January 2015 pretty much of that content will get removed forever. If nobody would like to purchase the rights then this content will end up in the dump and it’ll never be seen again and it’ll never return. Therefore this is the last chance for you to download and to get still all of the currently available videos. What happens to the thousands of still unreleased and unseen videos that were produced earlier than 2006. What happens to the still unreleased videos on tapes that are waiting for digitization? Honestly, I don’t know. If that sale succeeds and if there will be a financial basis – perhaps made possible with all your help, support and due to your still existing interest - then I'll try to release some of the unreleased ones during the following 6 months. Especially from the period prior to 2006 there are many great videos available. Missing those would be a pity. However, I cannot promise anything at all regarding the release of unreleased videos, simply because I don’t know about how my health situation is evolving. I had desperately tried doing that before summer and even announced that as you know very well, but once you start to have optimistic plans, often the “axe hits your neck the next day” - and finally my health prohibited for that plan being fulfilled. I sincerely thank you and greet all of you who had supported DWW and I wholeheartedly send thanks especially to those of you with whom I had the honour to meet them personally. Thank you for the great time. I love and respect all of you and I’m gonna miss you! I shall forgive those of you who hurt me, especially those of you who had painfully hurt me sometimes, and I forgive those of you who even put obstacles into the way of my ideas and work. They’ll know very well whom I mean if they’re even going to read that paragraph. Then I hope that those of you who hate me for no reason will be able to find the truth and finally understand my basically good intentions. Finally I very much hope that DWW plus all what I have done for this scene and for this niche will never be forgotten and remains in good memory. Could that hope really come true? Yes, of course, I'll retire because it is the right time now, however, my basic idea has to live on and must live on. Thank you for your trust and support during the past 25 years, thanks to some of you who have helped me a lot and who are still writing nice emails that are giving me strength and hope, and thank you that you have always helped to support this idea. Those whom I mean do know very well to whom I dedicate those words. And of course I am saying a big thank you to everyone who might still want to support me and DWW during the upcoming weeks and hopefully months and I sincerely hope that you’ll always remember and respect what I had done and what I had created for that niche. I dedicate these words to all those kind people who had honestly supported my ideas and whom I was hopefully able to entertain and whom in return I could give - at least a little - enjoyment in their life with my productions and events. As a matter of fact: “I made fantasies come true”

For the last time I remain with sporty and friendly regards

Yours G. R.