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==Notable wrestlers ==
==Notable wrestlers ==
[[Blake]], [[Tina Antman|Tina]], [[Robin]], [[Santana]] and [[Christine Dupree|Christine]]
[[Blake]], [[Tina Bjornson|Tina]], [[Robin]], [[Santana]] and [[Christine Dupree|Christine]]

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Leather & Lace

© Leather & Lace
Location Chicago USA
Years active 1991 - present
Website http://leather-lace.com

Leather & Lace Productions is a female & mixed fight video production company founded in Chicago USA by its owner and producer Greg. It boasts a huge catalogue of competitive and semi-competitive F/F or mixed wrestling and boxing videos - additionally it contains catfighting, apartment fights and erotically-tinged action. It has its own roster of fighters which, especially in the earlier days of the company, was supplemented by well-known visiting wrestlers and boxers. Most of L&L's matches were held in in a full-scale boxing ring but without a referee. The company catalogue also contained matches produced by its affiliate Raslin' Gal.

The company operates its own website for the sale of its products but there is also a purchasing outlet via the LScott Sales network :-


Notable wrestlers

Blake, Tina, Robin, Santana and Christine