Anneliese Riedl

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Anneliese Riedl
Born 1950
Other names Anne
Nationality German
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight 130 lb (59.0 kg; 9.3 st)
Wrestles for LGIS (Old)
Years active 1977 - 1979
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 9
Losses 9
Draws 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Anneliese Riedl was a founding member of the original incarnation of the Liberal Girls International SportClub - otherwise known as LGIS (Old) - a female boxing and wrestling organisation founded in Munich, Germany in 1976. It promoted a ground-breaking vision - that girls who were enthusiastic about female combat, and who wanted to fight semi-professionally in public settings, could do so topless in properly arranged events and tournaments.

The company was formed in 1976 by Fred Strothmann and Erich Klinger together with Angie who was the nominated club captain and one of the core membership of ten or so who were regular performers throughout the lifetime of the club. The initial group of fighters began several months of wrestling and boxing training in 1976, and on January 31st 1977 eight active members of the group entered the ring in the centre of the "Donauhalle" of Ingolstadt (about 60km north of Munich) in front of 700 spectators to take part in the inaugural event which launched the organisation. Anneliese did not feature in this first event, making her first appearance in June 1977.

When she made her LGIS debut aged 27 she was somewhat older than most of the other girls in the group, and at that time she was noticeably slimmer than in her later matches. Her debut ended with a resounding KO loss at the hands of Heidi Ranke, and this was followed by other defeats that year, with comments made that she possessed a "glass jaw". However she was not discouraged, and she seemed to gain power as her weight increased - together with greater ring experience she developed into a formidable opponent, gaining revenge wins over boxers who had previously beaten her and concluding her boxing career in May 1979 in style with a notable second round KO win over Heidi in her home town of Munich.

Like nearly all the group members, she retired completely from the female fighting scene with the demise of the LGIS organisation.

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Competitive female boxing record

A list of Anneliese Riedl's competitive F/F boxing matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1977 LGIS (Old) via ASFilm BX1010-3-2 Heidi Ranke Pts Boxing Topless A tremendously brave and committed performance by Anneliese who, despite suffering two knockdowns, went the distance with Heidi only to finally lose on a points decision Link to match Heidi-Anneliese1.jpg
1977 LGIS (Old) via ASFilm BX1015-5 Lena KO Boxing Topless Lena was able to outbox the heavier Anneliese before landing a body punch which put her on the canvas and unable to beat the count Link to match Lena=Anneliese1.jpg
1978 LGIS (Old) via ASFilm BX1013-1 Tina KO Boxing Topless Anneliese had a size advantage but could not cope with Tina's boxing ability and all-action style and, having taken a number of hard head punches, was finally knocked to the canvas for a second time and counted out Link to match Tina vs Anneliese3.jpg
1978 LGIS (Old) via ASFilm BX1010-2-2 Lena KO Boxing Topless Lena took a beating throughout the bout and had already been knocked down twice before Anneliese delivered the KO punch which ended the fight Link to match LenaS-2.jpg
1978 LGIS (Old) via ASFilm Gerti Pts Boxing Topless An excellent bout in which heavy-punching Annaliese knocked Gerti down twice but also had to take two standing counts herself N/a Annaliese-Gerti2.jpg
1978 LGIS (Old) via ASFilm BX1012-6 Karin Heck Boxing Topless Karin and Anneliese could not be separated after a full-blooded, hard-hitting bout during which they both suffered a knockdown Link to match Anneliese-Karin1.jpg
1979 LGIS (Old) via ASFilm BX1017-5 Tina KO Boxing Topless Anneliese made her size advantage count as she exacted revenge on Tina for earlier defeats, pounding her relentlessly, knocking her down on several occasions and scoring an emphatic KO victory within 3 rounds Link to match Tina vs Anneliese1.jpg
1979 LGIS (Old) LGIS Last Public Event in Germany Heidi Ranke KO Boxing Topless Anneliese proved the more resilient in a brutal slugfest with Heidi, surviving a 1st-round knockdown to give her opponent such a sustained beating in the 2nd that after being floored she was unable/unwilling to continue Link to match Anneliese-HeidiM.jpg



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