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Maia bear-hugged by Leyla
Born 1985
Nationality Ukrainian
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight 117 lb (53.1 kg; 8.4 st)
Wrestles for FightingStyle and Femwin
Years active 2003 - 2010
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 11
Losses 2
Draws 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Maia was a Ukrainian wrestler / catfighter who took part in many bouts for FightingStyle and Femwin. Slim and beautiful, she belied her looks when she fought, being prepared to fearlessly exchange ferocious punishment with whomever her opponent happened to be and showing a ruthless streak in order to win at any cost. Her specialist move was a crushing scissors take-down, leaping to encircle her opponent's waist with her amazingly strong legs and forcing her to the mat. Since some of her non-topless fights were co-productions with Femwin these are still available via their website.

Notable matches

Reviews of some of Maia's most notable matches.

Maia vs. Kahti


This appeared at first sight to be a mismatch with the extraordinarily beautiful Ukrainian girl (Maia) going up against a big mean Swiss girl (Kahti) who not only has a size advantage but a lot more wrestling experience. In fact, Maia had just started wrestling at this tournament. To compound this mismatch, both girls agree to allow kicks, slapping and hairpulling which gave Kahti a huge advantage because she knew kickboxing. However Maia is not to be underestimated - she takes some hard blows and punishment early in the match and submits a number of times but for much of the second half of the fight she has Kahti on the ground, squeezing the fight out of her powerful opponent using her extremely strong legs. Kahti is hurting and by this time she has injured her arm which Maia doesn't hesitate to attack. Kahti wins through in the end but Maia left her with plenty to remember her by.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Maia's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
2005 FightingStyle DVD G002-1 Artemis G n/k Mat Wrestling Topless A great-looking and highly competitive match fought outdoors in brilliant sunshine None Maia-Artemis01.jpg
2005 FightingStyle DVD G004-1 Artemis G n/k Catfight Wrestling Topless A rough and highly competitive match fought outdoors on a beach None AM07.jpg
2005 FightingStyle & Femwin FS-50 Kahti 1-3 Beach Wrestling Bikini Kahti gets off to a fast start with 2 scores and despite a later arm injury manages to survive Maia's assault (see Notable matches) Link to match Maia-Kahti01.jpg
2006 FightingStyle FS-60 Lucretia 1-1 Catfight wrestling Topless Maia and Lucretia are very evenly matched and achieve one submission each None Maia-Lucretia01.jpg
2006 FightingStyle FS-63 Melina 5-0 Catfight wrestling "Gypsy-style" clothing Maia is much the stronger, winning 5 submissions and leaving Melina beaten on the mat None Maia-Melina01.jpg
2006 FightingStyle FS-65 Emma E 5-0 Catfight wrestling Topless Maia forces brave Emma to submit repeatedly to scissors holds in a one-sided match None Maia-Emma01.jpg
2006 FightingStyle FS-66 Isabella 2-0 Catfight wrestling Topless Maia forces Isabella to submit twice in a rough catfight on a beach shoreline None Maia-Isabella01.jpg
2006 FightingStyle FS-71 Artemis G PTS Catfight Slapping/Wrestling Topless Artemis wins on points due to having delivered the greater number of slaps in the fight None Artemis-Maia02.jpg
2006 FightingStyle FS-77 Eva V PTS Catfight Slapping/Wrestling Topless Maia gets the better of Eva, using her trademark scissors holds to wear down her bigger opponent None Maia-Eva01.jpg
2006 FightingStyle Not Released Gaia TKO Beach catfight-wrestling Topless Maia's relentless attacks overwhelm her larger opponent leaving her beaten on the sand None Gaia-Maia10.jpg
2008 FightingStyle FS-90 Orsi S. 1-0 Catfight wrestling Topless Orsi is worn down and suffers a humiliating submission by having to lick Maia's feet None Maia-Orsi01.jpg
2008 FightingStyle FS-98 Zsofi n/k Catfight wrestling Topless Zsofi puts in a determined performance but Maia is too quick and skilful for her None MaiavsZsofi01.jpg
2008 FightingStyle FS-100 Leyla 2-0 Catfight wrestling Topless Maia repeatedly catches Leila in leg scissors, finally gaining two submissions None Maia-Leila01.jpg
2009 FightingStyle FS-106 Leyla and Zahra n/k Tag Team wrestling Topless / non-topless Maia and her partner Julie defeat the opposition team of Leyla and Zahra None FS-Tag-Team.jpg
2009 FightingStyle FS-109 Kata G 3-0 Catfight wrestling Topless Kata in her first catfight is finally worn down by Maia's relentless and brutal aggression None Kata-Maia21.jpg
2009 FightingStyle DVD G005-1 Mutiny n/k Catfight Slapping/Wrestling Topless A ferociously competitive match fought outdoors in brilliant sunshine None Maia-Mutiny.jpg

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