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Berlin Expo 2004 line-up
Location Surrey, Canada
Years active 2003 - 2010

FightingStyle was founded by William (Bill) Johnson in 2003. Bill was the nominal president of the company and was assisted by Jeff ????? who was vice-president and director of sport. The company produced competitive female wrestling, boxing, catfighting and martial arts videos, and their fighters could be clothed, bikini-clad, topless or even naked. They organized several major female submission wrestling / catfight wrestling events - the early events were held in indoor facilities, usually sports halls in Germany, but they later specialised in outdoor bouts staged within Greek hotel complexes. Three of these events were joint enterprises with Femwin. A variety of settings were use, which included beaches, grass areas, empty swimming pools and even the sea itself, with some bouts taking place at night under floodlights. With just a few semi-competitive exceptions, their fights were renowned for their aggression and the determination of the combatants to win, and injuries were not unknown. All their videos on their website were accompanied by detailed descriptions and the first thirty or more had direct quotes from Bill and Jeff. However, new material ceased to appear by 2011 and the website itself has been taken down since then. It is clear from the photo sets which were also posted on the website that a significant number of fights were filmed but never released as videos before the company ceased to function. Some of the original non-topless matches from the jointly-run events are still available via the Femwin Clips4Sale outlet.

This quote from Jeff defines the FightingStyle ethos :-

Make no mistake, nothing that FightingStyle does is fake. Although we filmed several different types of matches and in five different settings, there is one thing we can guarantee about each and every match you will see on this website. It was done FOR REAL. The girls are fighting to win every time. Nothing is scripted and nothing is pre-arranged. At FightingStyle the girls actually wrestle.”

Notable Wrestlers

Submission wrestlers who have either started their careers at FightingStyle or been an integral part of the company include the following:

Kathy Gifford, Karine, Artemis G, Maia, Aniela, Mutiny, Nadine, Nandia, Nikki Fierce, Poison Ivy and Wendy A

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