Rick Semple

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Rick Semple
Other names Richard
Nationality American
Wrestles for Premier Productions
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information
Website [https://www.premierproductionvideos.com/

Rick Semple is the founder of Premier Productions.

At its start in 1979 Rick Semple was the editor of Lady Athlete magazine. His goal was to give photographic and literary coverage to certain women athletes who were found to be particularly impressive. Even though some of the women were not well-known, most were accomplished athletes with the emphasis on body-building and different phases of weight lifting. Publication continued to at least the mid-to- late 1980's by which time Premier Productions was emerging as a video production company, also concentrating on well-muscled females.

He was a contributor in the 1990's to a magazine called Strong and Shapely which, as the name implies, concentrated on images and biographies of some of the most photogenic muscular women in the USA. He also contributed to John Parrillo's Performance Press, a monthly magazine aimed at body-builders and endurance athletes.