Premier Productions

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Premier Productions
Location Willow Street Pennsylvania USA
Years active 1987 - 2000?

Premier Productions was a longstanding producer of women's and mixed apartment wrestling videos, founded and operated by Rick Semple, which specialised in matches featuring well-muscled women, many of whom had a body-building background. Their matches were almost always fully competitive whether staged in an actual apartment room complete with furniture, or in a cleared room with wrestling mats. The main difference in their catalogue as time went on was that, from around the two-thirds point, the majority of matches were topless whereas previous to that point they had been non-topless, fought fully clothed, in swimsuits or sometimes bikinis. There were no referees present and never any full nudity. The company also produced a small number of boxing videos.

It is clear that the company certainly pre-dated Internet and traded videos direct to customers. It also issued a physical catalogue of products on a regular basis, which itself cost $5 to purchase direct from the company address.

The company now has its own website - additionally the company's video output was made available via the [1] ToughGirls website.

Notable Wrestlers

Most of the wrestlers who worked regularly for Premier Productions did not appear to have worked for other companies with the notable exception of Ziggy. Charlene Rink made several appearances as did Christine Marshall, while well-known visiting wrestlers included Robin, Tina and Denise.