Amethyst Hammerfist

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Amethyst Hammerfist

© Amethyst Hammerfist
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight 130 lb (59.0 kg; 9.3 st)
Wrestles for Monica's Wrestling Centre,, MWM, Submission Room, LWS and Fight Pulse
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Amethyst Hammerfist began mixed wrestling in 2015, within just a couple of months she had caused a stir, injecting excitement and passion into the scene with her provocative posts on social media and becoming very popular on the London session scene. Many rave reviews came flooding in from across the world. It was clear that Amethyst loved wrestling as much as her clients did, it was this and her feisty, animalistic wrestling style that made her a new favourite amongst many regulars. Amethyst is said to put her all into sessions, going 110% and has stamina that never runs out.

Amethyst’s persona was also unique, she was very open about her thoughts, feelings and past. A very well written and intimate blog also set her apart from other wrestlers for she had an insight into mixed wrestling that others had never really expressed; she had a real understanding of what mixed wrestling means to men; mentally, physically and emotionally. Her interview for Session Girls was raw and honest, as well as entertaining. In a popular review, it was said that Amethyst does not just offer mixed wrestling sessions but that she shares the passion for it with you.

Amethyst trained hard attending fight clubs across London, her strength, skill and muscles grew fast and her enthusiasm and hard work did not go unnoticed, she was doing many sessions a week and improving day by day. Within the first year of her mixed wresting career she travelled to Berlin, Prague and New York working with Fight Pulse, Anna Konda and Veve Lane. Amethyst also attends and takes part in London's mixed wrestling events and parties, she is known for winning scissor circles, especially with her reverse headscissors. Amethyst continues to travel to take part in events and filming with producers across the world.

Amethyst first started catfighting when she was just eighteen, though she was never introduced to mixed wrestling. “I really wish someone had told me about mixed wrestling back then, I had no clue it excited yet I was doing catfights here and there”. Amethyst stopped doing catfights and worked in many jobs from lapdancing in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, Adult TV, then into media and marketing for charity for a few years. Amethyst gained a First Class Honours degree from one of London's top media universities, soon after, she chose to work as a mixed wrestler. “This job was made for me, it changed my life and saved my life”, she added “I get to let out all my aggression in a safe space and I make men happy in doing so, I am a very energetic person with lots of passion, maybe too much sometimes. If a few days pass where I have not wrestled I start to get quite a bad temper and quite depressed, once I get on the mats for an hour, everything resets, I am happy and chilled out again. Sometimes after a session I feel euphoric.’’ Amethyst filmed one real catfight in 2016 for Catz Review which caused a hype and was at number one on clips4sale for many weeks. Amethyst tells us she is focusing on mixed wrestling but may do the odd catfight once in a while.

Amethyst’s most popular fight was against Sahara Knight at Monica’s Wrestling Centre event, a thrilling, highly competitive and aggressive match that kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. Amethyst maintains that she is a mixed wrestler first and foremost and has often stated that she much prefers mixed wrestling to female wrestling. “I am a fantastic mixed wrestler but I’m not so great in fem vs fem, though I’ve been told I am very fun to watch’’.

Amethyst works in London as a full time session wrestler, she is known for being approachable, punctual, polite and a pleasure to communicate with. Amethyst has a great website, an exciting Vimeo channel and her clipstore is also proving to be very popular within the 'mixed wrestling' category on Clips4Sale, hitting the number one spot several times.