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Black Sea Amazons
Location Ukraine
Years active Early/Mid 1990s - Mid 2000s

BSA (Black Sea Amazons) was a female mixed martial arts/wrestling company based in Ukraine. It was associated with DWW until the mid 2000s. Several BSA fighters took part in DWW Live Events during the co-operation period.

BSA was run by kickboxing world champion Elena Tverdokhleb who coached the fighters and served as the referee during majority of the fights.

BSA fights took place under the 'extreme' rules since female MMA (and MMA in general) was still a niche sport in the mid 90s when the company first started. The roster featured a mix of amateurs who were scouted through various real-life disco fights but also trained girls usually coming from the kickboxing and boxing background.

One of the BSA original members - Lena Ovchynnikova - became a multiple kickboxing world champion and professional MMA fighter (as of 2018 she's under contract with Bellator). Her fight vs Svetlana Kr in September 2006 was dubbed as the first pro female MMA fight in Ukraine.

Notable Wrestlers

Wrestlers who have either started their careers at BSA or been an integral part of the company include the following:

Alina G, Anna K., Elena K, Elena M, Elena O, Elena V, Evgenia L, Galina K, Ira P, Irina Rm, Iryna B, Iryna M, Julya M, Larissa O, Lessja D, Lessja R, Luba L, Maryna M, Nastassja S, Natalia S, Natasha B, Natasha D, Natasha G, Oksana P, Olenia S, Olesia S, Olga K, Olga Kr, Olga S, Rada K, Sveta M, Sveta V, Svetlana Kr, Svjeta L, Tatyana K, Tatyana L, Viktoria K, Yulia K, Zhanna K