Black Falcon

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Black Falcon
Location Ft. Lauderdale/Tamarac, Florida, United States of America
Years active Mid 1990's - approximately 2010?
Website NA

Black Falcon was a video production company, based in South Florida, in the Ft. Lauderdale/Tamarac area. It specialized in the genre of non-competitive, female dominant, role-play style wrestling and it featured both female vs. female and female vs. male matches.

They produced hundreds of videos during their time in operation. Their website no longer exists, but many of their videos can still be purchased on their clips for sale page, and clips of some videos can be seen on various websites.

Their clips for sale page is: [1]

Female wrestlers that appeared in videos for Black Falcon included: Kim Miller, Jennie Vaughn, Evie Diaz, Shelly "the Burbank Bomber", Tiffany, Victoria, Christine Dupree, Joy Nash, Tina, Natasha Lynn, Roxy, Helena, Nikki Anderson, Vanessa, Alecia, Lindsey Adams, Valerie, Gia Primo, Joan, Heidi, April, Julie Taylor, and Suzanne Dubois who wrestled under the name of Chantel for Black Falcon, in addition to many others.

Some of the women who wrestled for Black Falcon also wrestled for Flamingo Wrestling.

The company was run by two brothers who also ran the Flamingo Wrestling website which specialized in competitive wrestling videos, which also included female vs. female and female vs. male videos.