Blanca Brooke

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Blanca Brooke
Born Blanka Brzicová
November 19, 1984 (1984-11-19) (age 35)
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Other names Blanka Brooks, Bianca, Brittany B
Nationality Czech Republic
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 117 lb (53.1 kg; 8.4 st)
Wrestles for Foxy Combat
Years active 2009 - date
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 3
Losses 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Blanca Brooke (real name Blanka Brzicová) is an adult model and wrestler for Foxy Combat. She is one of the most active wrestlers in the entire FC roster, having competed every year from 2009 - 2017, and then having taken a year out resuming her wrestling career in 2019.

In her youth she was a member of Slavia Prague athletics section.

Between 2009-2017 she participated in over 70 matches for Foxy Combat under the name Bianca.

She joined the adult industry in 2010 and remains active as of 2018.

Playmate of the Month in November 2014 (South African edition) and September 2015 (Czech edition).

Measurements: 34C-23-36 (Natural Breasts).

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Bianca's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
2010 Foxy Combat 10-024 Fight Club Isabella L Ret Catfight Bikini / Topless Bianca applies bodyscissors & headscissors; submits to two bodyscissors & headscissors. Isabella retires after 5th fall. Link to match
2010 Foxy Combat 10-031 Fight Club Linda U Ret Boxing Topless Bianca, boxing against a bigger opponent, retires after taking a solid straight left to the face. Link to match
2010 Foxy Combat 10-073 Linda U 4-2 Pins and submissions Topless Bianca's bodyscissors are the decisive factor in a close match, forcing Linda to submit three times. Linda responds with side headlock and headscissors submissions. Link to match
2015 Foxy Combat 15-065 Challenge Club Juliana 2-1 Pins and submissions Topless Bianca submits to Juliana's headscissors but responds with face-sit and body-press pins to win the match. Link to match

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