California Amazon

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California Amazon

Camp Amazon (©
Location Pine Valley, California
Years active 1973 - ????

California Amazon was formed by the legendary Judell Du Long in 1973, and was arguably the first video production company that focused primarily on competitive wrestling.

During its existence California Amazon filmed / photographed and released close to 700 submission wrestling matches, the first half of which were shot on Super 8 films. Films of many of the matches seems to be completely lost, and the only sources of information for them are scorecards carefully maintained by Judell Du Long.

Notable Wrestlers

Submission wrestlers who have either started their careers at California Amazon or been an integral part of the company include the following:

Judell Du Long, Nancy Skarvan, Lynetta Skarvan, Susan Skarvan, Sharon Du Long, Karen Arnold, Margo Gowan, Treena Antonelli, Cindy Brooks, Laurie Hatch, Lisa Dunwell, Liz Meles.