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Location Pennsylvania USA
Years active 1995-2015 ?

ECNWC (Extreme Catfighting n' Wrestling Company) was an American wrestling company involved in staging genuine catfight-wrestling matches between, in the main, women who contacted them wishing to take part. Based in Pennsylvania, ECNWC was owned and operated by Bob S. throughout its lifetime, and in that time produced a large number of its own videos as well as being a distributor of "Russian Catfight" productions. The fights staged by the company tended to be pretty rough and several ended prematurely due to injury sustained by one or other of the combatants.

ECNWC had its own website for sale and distribution of its products which always sold videos and later DVD's - but it never ventured into downloads. It seems to have ceased production owing to the ill-health of its proprietor and, allegedly, because he was losing money on the venture and decided to call a halt. As at this time it is not possible to purchase their back-catalogue - which is a source of great frustration to female fight enthusiasts as their matches were highly rated.

Notable Wrestlers

Wrestlers who have been involved in matches at ECNWC include Tia Solano and Vira