Female Fight Club Berlin

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Female Fight Club Berlin

© Female Fight Club Berlin
Location East Berlin
Years active 2010 - present

Female Fight Club Berlin (also known as ABWF) is a female combat club founded by Anna Konda and Red Devil. It provides a setting for women who wish to participate in genuine combat to do so.

Its ethos may be summed up as follows:-

There are no rules in the private all-female fight club, just grit and determination as women of all sizes and shapes pit themselves against each other on the mats. For a few hours women, young and old, leave behind whomever they might be to the outside world for the ferocity of the mat, where there are no official regulations or limitations on fighting techniques. Women may fight topless or in whatever gear that makes them feel most powerful. It enables them to throw off the preconceived notions about their gender to compete as equals. It permits and encourages women - who are practising their sport unpaid, for the sheer challenge of combat - to push themselves to the limits of their endurance in a place where they can shed their everyday roles, fears, and inhibitions.

Notable Wrestlers

Anna Konda, Nadege, Red Devil

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