Golden Girls

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Golden Girls
Location Victoria Illinois
Years active 1981 - present

Golden Girls was initiated in July of 1981 by a group of enthusiasts and participants who felt that production of female fighting films and tapes needed improvement. They felt there was a opportunity to create a product pitched somewhere between the professional bouts and the models writhing around in semi-porno staged matches.

Therefore the promoters recruited beautiful but athletic girls in the Holly­wood area who would wrestle for fun, for money and because of their own competitiveness. Some had been taught by pros, some wrestled in mud-matches in nightclubs, and some had no experience at all. Several girls had appeared in films and in TV shows and saw this as a means of furthering their own careers.

To obtain the best possible results, Golden Girls acquired its own production studio and gymnasium, where a pro ring, mud pit and apartment setting were all available along with the highest broadcast quality equipment. It then set up it's own vending web site for videos and later DVD's:-

In 1999 a subsidiary of Golden Girls Productions with it's own sister web site was established to sell downloads from the Golden Girls catalogue:-

Golden Girls collaborated with DT Wrestling on a couple of occasions for joint events and also offered a platform for the sale of products from Savage Video.

Notable Wrestlers

Wrestlers who have either started their careers at Golden Girls or been an integral part of the company include the following:

Treena Collins, Belinda Belle and Golden Cat