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© JMRolen
Location Las Vegas
Years active 1999 - present

JMRolen is a classic producer of "competitive-themed fantasy" and erotic wrestling and boxing videos, featuring many of the iconic names working in the female fighting genre. The company was set up in 1999 by its owner, J M Rolen, in San Diego and has been in active production ever since. A feature of their staged boxing/fist fighting videos is the use of make-up applied throughout the course of the action to simulate black eyes, bruises etc. suffered by the fighters. In 2019 the company displayed the following message on its home page :-

"After 20 years of video production in California, the JMR Battling Beauties has moved to its new location in Las Vegas, where we will continue to produce and release the most exciting fantasy fight videos around!"

Notable Wrestlers

Most of the company's roster fought for many production companies but the fighter most associated with JMRolen is Tori Sinclair AKA Lisa Comshaw, who appeared in a huge number of videos across the whole range of female fighting styles and fetishes. The list of other combatants is considerable as would be expected for a company with such longevity, but some of the major names are Hollywood, Francesca Le, Goldie Blair, Ariel X, Tanya Danielle, Christine Dupree, Jewell Marceau, Santana, Chantel Lace and Akira Lane.