L. Scott Sales

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L. Scott Sales
Location USA
Years active 1993 - present
Website N/A

L. Scott Sales

L. Scott Sales is a longstanding company in the female wrestling genre, opening in 1993. It is primarily a distributor of videos from other producers.

During it's early years (mid-1990s) the company operated on a somewhat unique format; a printed mail-order catalog could be requested by mail for a nominal sum. The catalog was often advertised in mainstream pro wrestling magazines such as Wrestling Eye. Simultaneously, there was a licensed network of local direct VHS retailers (usually mom & pop-type video rental stores) which offered the company's lineup. Here, a customer would walk into the store and request "...the L. Scott books" (large three-ring photo binders) with the available videos, make a selection, and walk out with the video.

Towards the turn of the millennium the company increasingly shifted to internet sales, and later still in the 2000s and 2010s, online streaming and video-on-demand. Domestically, the company acquired the catfight.com URL and leather-lacetv.com URL (not to be confused with the production company Leather & Lace) and continues to use this website as it's sales flagship. In cooperation with the online Kontex network in Europe, the company's offerings are now available there, priced in Euros.

Quite surprisingly, a few relics of the early original business model continue on in 2017, including the Video Mart store in Richmond, VA which directly retails the company's offerings the same way it did in the mid-1990s.

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L. Scott Sales library is massive and contains videos from a huge variety of producers, both current and long-vanished. Some examples are APL, Academy, Action Sports, Crystal, DWW, Jaguar, Joan Wise, Premier, Vortex, and many others.