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Lilith Productions
Location Livermore, CA, USA
Years active 1996 - 2007

Lilith Productions was a production company that operated out of the Bay Area of California in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The company specialized in both female and mixed wrestling matches, in addition to offering wrestling sessions and training to clients. The company was one of the first producers to set videos online, starting in 1997.

Lilith Productions was run by Scott Carruthers and video product Steve Gordon. French submission wrestler Jezebel was also a partner in the company, in addition to serving as its head trainer for new recruits and clients.

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Lilith featured several notable wrestlers on its roster including a young Helen Von Mott, Momo and Nasty Natasha. Other wrestlers included Krystal, Isis, Nicole, Rachel, Kat, Bailey, Amber, Brigitte and Bailey.

Here is a sample of videos from the Lilith Productions catalogue

Wrestling Tournaments

Lilith Productions hosted its first women's submission wrestling tournament in September 1997 at a location in Marin County, California.

These five women competed in a round robin tournament with each combatant wrestling submission style in bikinis

There was also a tournament in November 1997 that featured a returning Momo and Jezebel plus four other wrestlers.

Gallery - Lilith Wrestlers in Action