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Maureen @ Festelle
Nationality British
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight 118 lb (53.5 kg; 8.4 st)
Wrestles for Festelle
Years active 1985 - 1986
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Losses 4
Draws 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Brunette Maureen competed for Festelle in the early days of the company, taking part in several matches including straight wrestling, oil wrestling and full-contact boxing.

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Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Maureen's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1985? Festelle FV9-6 Nicki L n/k Catfight wrestling Clothed to topless A tough fight after the the girls had stripped each other with Nicki proving to be the stronger wrestler as she dominated Maureen Link to match Maureen-Nicki02.jpg
1985? Festelle FV9-7 Linda D Oil wrestling Clothed to topless The girls stripped each other topless for a light-hearted bout but Linda administered plenty of slapping to make sure that Maureen knew her place Link to match Maureen-Linda.jpg
1985? Festelle FV9-9 Nicki L Pts Boxing Topless No love lost in this bout as Nicki pursued Maureen relentlessly around the mat, inflicting a knockdown on her way to a convincing points victory Link to match Maureen-Nicki01.jpg
1985? Festelle FV10-4 Donna O 0-3 Pins and submissions Topless Toned and muscular Donna was much too strong for Maureen who spent most of the bout on her back trying desperately to avoid being pinned Link to match Maureen-Donna01.JPG
1986? Festelle FV12-1 Jo S n/k Pins and submissions Topless Maureen had to battle hard against Jo who enjoyed the advantage in both height and weight Link to match Jo-Jay1.jpg
1986? Festelle FV15-1 Jo S Boxing Topless A disappointingly tame encounter in which Maureen and Jo went through the motions without taking any risks so that a draw was the only possible outcome Link to match Jo-Maureen02 .jpg