Max Academy

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Max Academy
Location Ireland
Years active 2018 – present

Max Academy is a wrestling video production company founded in Ireland, in 2018.

It’s also a team of friends (Kat, Lexi, Siren and Viper) who have come together to share their love of wrestling.

Max Academy produces a wide variety of videos : competitive, semi-competitive, fantasy wrestling matches, female or mixed, catfight, armwrestling, facesitting, butt-off match, oil wrestling, mud wrestling, messy wrestling, test of strength,…

Max Academy videos are often characterized by a great sense of humor and self-deprecation.

The company also offers to make custom videos.

Notable Wrestlers

Four girls are part of the Max Academy, and are nicknamed the Max Girls : Kat, Lexi, Siren and Viper.

A man is also part of the group: Maximus.

Other notable fighters are Foxy, GailForce, Ginger Ninja, Nikki, Warrior Amazon and Xena.