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Location Paris France
Years active 2005 - present

ModelsWrestling is a female wrestling video production company based in France and launched in June 2005 by its owner and producer Jean Christophe (JC) Petitjean. It features topless female wrestling matches between girls who are predominantly French models - these are sporting but competitive and, although there is little obvious aggression, the combatants do intend to win. Hardly any of its roster of fighters have appeared for any other production company, but in more recent times there has been a connection with the Italian Female Combat Stars and Fetish Fights companies with a few of their wrestlers taking part in ModelsWrestling events .

ModelsWrestling produced a number of matches between 2005 and 2006 but then, for unknown reasons, went into a prolonged hiatus which ended in 2011 when a batch of new matches appeared. Since then and up until the present date the company has been steadily releasing new productions on a regular basis, normally resulting from events which each feature around ten wrestlers. As befits a French company, Bastille day is celebrated every year with a special tournament and these have had up to seventeen participants.

Notable Wrestlers

The best-known wrestler to appear in events held by the company is Loren Blaine.


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