Reality Girls

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Reality Girls

© Reality Girls
Location USA
Years active 2009 - present

Reality Girls is an American female and mixed wrestling video production studio. Established in 2009 by Rob, the founder. It features fitness women, sport women and regular women. It has competitive and fantasy matches. It is currently the most popular wrestling studio, sharing the spot with Grappling Girls. It has sub studio's such as Reality Girls Wrestling, Reality Girls Domination and Reality Girls Sleeper Holds. But the main studio is Reality Girls Scissors.

Nikki and Ivey were the first wrestlers for the studio. And for a long time, they were the only one's. But the studio has gained more wrestlers over the years and some of them even made video's for company's such as Femwin, Grappling Girls and scissorvixens. Wrestlers such as Dixie, Loren Blaine, Mikaela, Nikki Next, Sunshine, JC Simpson, Amadahy, Riot and Chi Chi.

Reality Girls also had popular guest wrestlers such as Julie Squeeze, Tyler Dare, Ashley Wildcat, Pandora and Shauna Ryanne, and Veve Lane.

Notable Wrestlers

Other known wrestlers:

Morgan Del Ray, Andi.

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