Ria Klein

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Ria Klein

Ria at Festelle
Born Ria Klein
Nationality German
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight 129 lb (58.5 kg; 9.2 st)
Wrestles for Festelle
Years active 1985 - 1989
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 2
Losses 2
Draws 2
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Toned German Ria Klein began wrestling in 1985 in a Festelle event and continued appearing in matches for the company for a further four years. She was renowned as an extremely durable and determined wrestler and was always a tough opponent who gave everything in every one of her numerous matches. Her range of competitive wrestling was extensive, including topless and non-topless ring and mat wrestling, topless and non-topless tag-team wrestling, one mixed bout and one mud-wrestling bout.

As well as official Festelle events she also took part in a privately-organised event in Switzerland which was later distributed by Festelle. A fem-fight enthusiast set up a wrestling area in his own house and arranged for a round-robin quickfire wrestling competition involving 6 girls to take place - there followed 15 individual bouts of five minutes or less duration.

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Notable opponents

Ria faced some of the most challenging opposition which the Festelle roster had to offer, often on two or more occasions. These included the iconic Beatrice, Susan, Susanne S, Fiona, Sherry and Kirsty A.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Ria's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1986? Festelle FV22-3 WCS Championship match Fiona Submissions only Topless Match abandoned as a draw when Ria suffers a broken nose during the fight Link to match Fiona-Ria02.jpg
1986? Festelle FV26-1 WCS Championship match Fiona 1-2 Submissions only Topless Fiona wins the bout by scoring two submissions to one scored by Ria Link to match Fiona-Ria01.jpg
1986 or 1987? Festelle FV37-2 Tag-team match Cindy Milo & Susan 2-1 Pins & submissions Topless Ria and partner Marie narrowly beat Susan and Cindy in a rousing tag wrestling match Link to match Cindy-Susan03.jpg
1986 or 1987? Festelle FV39-15 Round-robin event Claudia G 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless Ria was too strong for Claudia and twice forced her to submit after trapping her on the mat and pinning her Link to match Ria-Claudia1.jpg
1986 or 1987? WCS/Festelle FV45-3 Susan 1-1 Submissions only Topless A hard fight which ended in a draw Link to match Susan-Ria02.jpg
1987 or 1988? Festelle FV54 - International Topless Tournament part 2 Beatrice 0-1 Submissions only Topless Titanic struggle between two strong and skilled fighters decided by a single submission Link to match RiaK-Beatrice01.jpg
1987 or 1988? Festelle FV34 - Wrestling In One-Piece Suits Beatrice n/k Submissions only Swimsuits Link to match Ria-Beatrice2.jpg

Competitive mixed wrestling Record

A list of Ria's competitive F/M wrestling matches. This list is not complete.