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Ron Dvorkin was and continues to be a major figure in the female fighting genre. He was the founder in 1959 of Cal Supreme (California Supreme) which was one of the earliest production companies in the female combat business, and which was a huge influence on many of the other companies which were subsequently set up. Ron was a pioneer in establishing one of the first US outlets specializing in women combat after observing what was being produced in Germany. He was an ophthalmologist by profession, enjoyed viewing female wrestling bouts both live and on video and, having money to invest, decided to produce films to please his taste. With California Supreme (and Bellstone, its more raunchy satellite), a fighting style of semi-competitive bouts with topless and nude women was created that is still in place.

Ron attracted dozens of women with athletic skills and basically mentored them in the trade. They include some of the iconic names in female wrestling : the splendid Lisa-Marie, the volatile Swedish Tina, the businesswoman Robin, the voluptuous Shelly, the aggressive Raven, the powerful Kristie Etzold, and the muscular Christine Dupree.

He often added commentary/coaching from behind the camera, not all of which was welcome or helpful, particularly when he sometimes tried to have Q&A sessions with fighters as they rested between rounds. However he took the safety and well-being of the combatants seriously and could always be relied on to watch the fights closely to guarantee no one would be seriously injured. He also appeared in person in a couple of mixed boxing bouts.

Although his own company website has long ceased to exist, Ron still has some involvement and stated as recently as 2017 that "All the material is available at California Supreme, P.O. Box 573311, Tarzana, CA 91357"

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