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Sabine at DWW 1993
Born About 1974
Nationality Austrian
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight 146 lb (66.2 kg; 10.4 st)
Wrestles for DWW and Festelle
Years active Nov 1992 - 1994
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 3
Losses 1
Draws 3
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Sabine fought at DWW during the early 1990's, and she also fought three bouts as a visitor to Festelle in London in November 1992.

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Notable Matches

Sabine vs. Amanda

Festelle Video FV101 Sabine in London, November 1992

Amanda started the fight by taking Sabine to the mat in a headlock AmandaB-Sabine01.jpg, but the Austrian fought back using her strength to slowly extract her head. Sabine then tried to pin Amanda, but she flexed and rolled her body to push the action to the edge of the mat so that the referee had to call for a break AmandaB-Sabine03.jpg. The fight quickly restarted and this time it was Sabine who took the action to the mat with an attempted straddle pin AmandaB-Sabine02b.jpg. Amanda flexed and struggled and once again she managed to move herself and Sabine off the edge of the mat stopping the fight.
The match continued for another 7 to 8 minutes with Sabine repeatedly trying to pin Amanda AmandaB-Sabine02a.jpg and the British fighter repeatedly escaping one way or another. A break was called at 10 minutes at which point the fight was due to end, but after some discussion it was agreed to extend the match by another 5 minutes
When the fight restarted Sabine succeeded in getting a bodyscissors on Amanda AmandaB-Sabine04.jpg that looked like it might lead to a submission. The Austrian put all her effort into the hold AmandaB-Sabine05.jpg as can be seen in the photos of the fight AiA61 AmandaB-Sabine.jpg, but despite this Amanda managed to lever Sabine away and escape from the scissors AmandaB-Sabine06.jpg. Sabine attacked again this time going for a bodypress pin AmandaB-Sabine07.jpg AmandaB-Sabine08.jpg, but Amanda once again managed to fight her way out and rolled over onto Sabine to put the Austrian in a sort of bearhug AmandaB-Sabine09.jpg AmandaB-Sabine10.jpg. With 15 minutes of fighting completed the referee called the end of the match at this point and declared the result a draw AmandaB-Sabine11.jpg.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Sabine's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1992 Festelle FV101-1 Sabine in London Jasmina 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless Sabine wins with a schoolgirl pin Link to match Sabine-Jasmine01.jpg
1992 Festelle FV101-2 Sabine in London Amanda 0-0 Pins & submissions Topless See Notable Fight Link to match AmandaB-Sabine05.jpg
1992 Festelle FV101-3 Sabine in London Marilyn 0-0 Pins & submissions Topless Despite the match going into extra time the girls were so closely matched that neither of them could score a point Link to match Sabine-Marilyn.jpg
1993 DWW DWW-29 Champions' Tournament Marie-Laure 0-2 Pins and submissions Topless A sweaty fight - ends abruptly when Sabine is injured Not available Marie-Laure vs Sabine.jpg
1993 DWW FOM-691 (was on DWW-035) Susanne 0-0 Pins and submissions Topless Sabine and Susanne's first fight at the DWW June 1993 event Link to match Sabine-Susanne02.jpg
1993 DWW FOM-680 (was on DWW-035) Susanne 1-0 Pins and submissions Topless After 20 minutes of hard combat Sabine wins with a brutal chin-pull submission. Link to match Sabine-Susanne15.jpg
1993 DWW FOM-700 Hana vs Sabine (was on DWW-035) Hana 2-0 Pins and submissions Topless Sabine won by 2 submissions Link to match Hana-Sabine01.jpg

Gallery of Sabine’s Female Competitive Fights

Sabine fights at the Festelle event held in London, November 1992

Hana vs. Sabine, at DWW summer event 1993 (FOM700 originally on DWW-35)

Susanne and Sabine's fights at DWW summer event 1993 (FOM691 originally on DWW-35)