The Amazons Club

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The Amazons Club
Location Hamburg Germany
Years active 2004? - 2007

The Amazons Club was a small-scale female wrestling production company founded in around 2004 by by a group of enthusiasts headed by Kay. It featured topless and non-topless competitive wrestling only, and had a small group of regular competitors with Karine (known as Karina here) being the "face" of the organisation. It had close links with DWW and with the group of wrestlers trained by Beatrice Goffin, and joint events featuring challenge matches between various members of the three were held. The club folded in 2007 following the unfortunate death of Kay who had been the driving force behind it, and their web site was subsequently closed.

Notable Wrestlers

The following have all made appearances in TAC matches :- Karine, Anne Hurricane, Ayse, Xana, and Zambia.


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