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Yes - we're gradually closing in on a 4-figure total. I'm working through some additions to Festelle, TPC and DWW, which are the companies which interest me most. I've also noticed a couple of recent contributions from Merlin and Bullflower who are pretty much founder members, so that's good to see as well.

Jq00000415:35, 2 February 2021

Hi, I notice you've been filling in a lot of Joan Wise wrestlers - good work! Just one issue - you've set up an entry for Candi but there was already an entrant for her under her real name - Kelli Thomas. In fairness there was an omission on this entrant for the JW company indicator so I've corrected that and also added in your new mixed wrestling items. I think your weight/height details for Candi are wrong, although I can see that is what is says on JOANWISECATFIGHTS.COM - the reason I think otherwise is that when you see Candi and Tina in action, no way is Candi 6" taller or around 15 pounds heavier so I think the site itself is showing duff info. If you are OK with this maybe you could blank the Candi entrant and maybe we can get Zweig to tidy it (and some others) up sometime. Regards, JQ

Jq00000422:41, 6 February 2021

Sorry just reading this message. If you're correct that's a very blatant lie because Candi is listed as 5'9 and Kelli listed as 5'2. I'll blank Candi and just add in the detials Joan Wise has her listed as 5'9 138.

We are now over 1,000 wrestlers! Although I did add almost 100 MMA fighters, figured mixed martial artists does contain wrestling so I'll have that as only a small section. Over 1,000 now YAY!

Shepinhim (talk)20:05, 21 February 2021

I don't think it's a question of a lie - I've found these company profiles are not always to be relied on, particularly those on the Kontex network where they have a huge number of wrestlers to enter data for. I'd simply go by the gallery photo of Candi with Santana (5'4"), and the head-to-head shot attached to LL-036-1 with Tina (5'3") in the Kelli Thomas entrant - she is clearly somewhat shorter than either. But it's no big deal.

Congrats on all your recent efforts to build up the wrestler entrant numbers on this site - you've obviously put a lot of time and effort into this. Regards JQ

Jq00000400:12, 22 February 2021

Thanks! Something to do during the winter pandemic. Now that it's over 1,000 and I practically entered everyone I like I will probably be much much less active now. Haha. It feels great to push the site over 1,000 female wrestlers though :)

Shepinhim (talk)05:55, 22 February 2021