Triumph Studios

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Triumph Studios
Location California, USA
Years active early 1980s - late 1990s

Triumph Studios

Triumph Studios was once a major women's wrestling producer. The company began producing videos as early as 1983, and eventually built up a substantial library of titles. For a number of years, it was regarded as the "king" producer in the genre.

Early in it's history, Triumph capitalized on the apartment wrestling concept of the late 1970s. Almost all of Triumph's videos were filmed in the setting of an empty carpeted room, and most were of the 'garter belts & rolling around'-type scripts. Later in it's history, the company did produce a small number of semi-pro style ring matches, but the apartment wrestling setting remained it's main concept. Considering that most of the matches were shot on 1980s BetaCam, the filming quality was decent to quite good.

In the pre-internet era, Triumph reached it's customers through small classified ads, which were placed in both mainstream pro wrestling magazines and small "counter-culture"-type newspapers and magazines.

Triumph Studios was still self-marketing it's own videos as late as 1995. Starting in the mid-1990s, some of it's titles were offered by other distributors as well. The company apparently ended operations in the late 1990s, which was concurrent with a huge growth in the number of competing women's wrestling producers, made possible by the then-new internet.

In the 2000s and 2010s, old Triumph Studios videos continue to enjoy a following. Various websites carry some of the titles, and has rights to nearly the whole library.

Notable Wrestlers

Most of the company's roster was of low name recognition, however there were a few wrestlers who went on to later success. Shelly "The Burbank Bomber" once wrestled for Triumph Studios, as did Quisha Page early in her career. Cynara, of late 1970s apartment house photos fame, also worked for Triumph near the end of her career.


Below: An example of a typical Triumph Studios match; a classified ad from November 1994, and a young Quisha Page in a Triumph Studios video.