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This was getting bad! Even as the pleasure of being fucked doggy-style by a massive cock rolled over my body, I realized that I was in a very precarious position. Last night when I rode him reverse cowgirl, I was in control. Now—too late—I realized that I was completely at the mercy of this large, strong man and his enormous cock. Just a few inches away from the meat that was sliding in and out of me, was my secret, now oozing pre-cum as Damian began hitting my prostate again. The risk of the entire situation somehow aroused me even more, and when he spanked me again I yelped girlishly in pleasure.As Damian's molten beast slammed in and out of my ass-pussy, it demolished my manhood and replaced it with feminine ecstasy. This perfect man was transforming a boy into a cock-starved slut and he didn't even know it. He thought he just got lucky with a hot, slutty girl who had just moved in, unaware that it was a boy he occasionally ran into at the gym. This thought was too much for me, and I felt myself cumming into Tessa's panties. In the heat and pleasure of the moment, I didn't notice that I wasn't even hard.But Damian, bless his stamina, wasn't even close to being done. For what seemed like hours, he continued to pound my ass-pussy with violent abandon. All I could hear were his grunts and the loud smacking of his hips against my ass. I noted detachedly that pedestrians on the street below would occasionally look up, do a double take, and stare at me. A few grabbed their friends and pointed. A particularly attractive brunette covered her mouth in shock before storming off. From their point of view, in the high-rise above them, a sluttily made-up girl was against a kitchen counter, legs spread apart, getting viciously fucked doggy-style with her arms pinned behind her by the hunk looming behind her. Little did they—or the man fucking me—know, that the attractive but slutty "girl" was just a boy who lived in the building. Still limp adult cam69, I orgasmed again, shuddering uncontrollably.My throat was getting raw—I had been continuously moaning like a girl as Damian impaled me with his co—when Damian increased the pace of his fucking, causing my eyes to roll back into my head. As his fingers painfully dug into my wrists, he gave a primal roar and I could feel my bowels instantly fill with a hot fluid. Both he and I knew that he didn't need to ask for permission this time, not because it was my ass, but because I was his slut, and he could do whatever he pleased. He kept thrusting as ropes and ropes of semen gushed into my ass-pussy. Moaning, I clenched my sphincter, milking him. I wanted every last drop of his seed inside me.Cock still firmly inside my worn out anus, Damian released my arms and collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap, nuzzling my exposed back and giving me goosebumps. I raised one arm behind me and around the back of his head, grabbing a handful of his hair. We were both drenched from the frenzied, animalistic sex that had just occurred. I shuddered as waves and waves of pleasure rolled over me—like a girl, I was still orgasming! Damian kissed my neck gently and held me as I rode out my final orgasm, Tessa's panties now a soggy, semen-filled mess."That was fucking amazing, babe," he whispered into my ear. I nodded weakly in agreement. I felt his slowly softening cock slide out of my anus, causing a load of cum to dribble out. I quickly clenched my sphincter and pulled up my panties. I wanted to keep the cum inside me as long as possible. It marked me as Damian's girl.We rested in comfortable bliss for a brief minute, enjoying the feeling of our bodies pressed against each other. But now came the hard part. I was completely worn out, and not in any position to keep up my risky charade. I needed to get home, immediately. I slid out from underneath my handsome neighbor, surreptitiously pulling my dress down to hide the unsightly bulge in the front of my panties, and made a beeline for the door."Sorry, totally forgot I had a mani-pedi appointment this morning!" I said nervously, hoping that now that Damian had fucked me well and good, he would want me to leave as much as I did."Wait. Hold up," I heard him say behind me. I turned around, heart in my throat. He grabbed my shoulders and kissed me full on the lips. Sensually, our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths for what felt like an eternity. Finally releasing me, he asked to my smiling face when he would see me again. I gave him my number without hesitation. He tapped his forehead and said he had a good memory. Laughing, I said that if he didn't, it would be his loss.I was still giggling when I got to the bench by his door and sat down. I picked up my purse, top, and jacket, abandoned in our eagerness the previous night. As I reached for my high-heeled booties, Damian knelt down."Allow me." He gently held my small foot, massaging it briefly, before guiding it into the bootie and zipping it up. It felt amazing, and I was somewhat disappointed at how quickly it ended when he finished zipping up my other foot. I knew he was getting a good view up my dress of my cum-drenched panties. If he looked closely, he might even notice an out-of-place bulge. But I was feeling sexy and wanton, so I didn't close my legs."Like what you see? It's all yours." I said teasingly.He smiled and grabbed my thin waist, pulling me up. I instinctively threw my arms around Damian's neck and pressed my body against his