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Woman's World Wrestling

Original Woman's World logo.
Location Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA (original) / Wilton Manors, FL, USA (current)
Years active 1995 - present
Website http://www.womansworldwrestling.com

Woman's World

Woman's World, or more formally Woman's World Wrestling Club (WWWC), is a longstanding producer of women's wrestling videos, almost all of them in the fetish / topless / nude sub-genres. The company was founded, and is still run, by Dan Aber. Originally the studio was in a strip mall storefront in Ft. Lauderdale; later; the company moved to a loft above a bowling alley in nearby Wilton Manors.

Woman's World (the correct spelling; not Women's) has produced an astonishingly huge library of titles, over 1,100 to date featuring over 100 wrestlers. Every imaginable type of interest is represented: from traditional submission wrestling to more kink-oriented types of matches, to the just plain unusual (pugil stick bouts, hair-washing stipulations, hypnosis, etc even underwater matches).

The company has outlasted countless better-funded competitors over the decades by it's bare-basic approach to wrestling videos. There are no special effects, no on-screen graphics, no theme music, and no elaborate packaging for the videos (first VHS, now DVD) which are hand-labelled. For many years; the website was frozen in time in the "early internet era" with clip-art animated gif logos and the such. Almost nothing is spent on high-end cosmetics or costumes for the competitors. Aber scripts, films, edits, and dubs the videos himself. Periodically compilation sets are released; these are of a specific theme (only pinfalls, only submissions, only a specific wrestler, etc) and sold at special prices.

All of this allows the videos to be sold at aggressively low prices, and with the aforementioned huge number of titles. The company also has excellent service, with rapid and accurate shipping. For many years a monthly paper newsletter with additional discounts was mailed to repeat customers; of recent this has been contracted to irregular periodic mailings.

Early in the company's history it periodically had access to a ring, but almost all of the videos are shot on floor mats. The exceptions being "unusual settings"-matches such as in an office, house, or even swimming pool. Most of the matches are stand-alone, but at various points in the company's history, Woman's World attempted a Federation-type setup with a championship belt passed between wrestlers.

The quality of the wrestling varies, and is often subjective to what the viewer is looking to get out of it. Many of the wrestlers appear to be locally-recruited exotic dancers with a minimal amount of wrestling skill; however on the other end several girls on the roster are capable of at least moderately-complex maneuvers.

In the early 2010s Woman's World ceased production of new videos; at the time it had an available library of over a thousand titles. These were then migrated to streaming, as well as remaining available on DVD. Very recently, low-scale production of new material seems to be taking place. The company also arranges session matches on an ad hoc basis in the southern Florida region.

Notable Wrestlers

Due to the low-budget approach, almost all of Woman's World's roster is specific to the company. None the less the company has attracted talent from as far away as Europe and South Africa. Most of the roster wrestles under simple, one-name aliases. There have been some major name exceptions; Jill Monroe, Candi Fleeman, and Vanessa Harding have all had matches with Woman's World.

Some of the in-house roster developed fan bases simply due to the huge number of matches filmed: for example, Aquel in the 1990s; then Rose, Rusty, Staci, Xena; and more recently Paula and Taylor.


Below: An example of an early (mid-1990s) Woman's World match; A match between Jill Monroe and Rose; An example of a match from the late 2000s, Fan favorite Xena.