Women Warriors

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Women Warriors
Location Charleston, West Virginia
Years active 1990s

Women Warriors was a competitive female fighting club established in the early 1990s. It ceased to operate sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s, but the recordings of its fights are still available from Les Femmes Fatales and Rockin-Roxanne.com. In January 1996 the proprietor of the Women Warriors wrote about the club in the 73rd edition of Amazons in Action magazine:

Five years ago our group of trading partners was lamenting the fact that the wrestling and boxing material available was all fake, and bad fake at that. We wondered why they didn't just put two girls out there and let them fight and whatever happens happens. That's how Women Warriors was born.

We do only 100% Real Boxing and Wrestling. Our guarantee is that if you find one single fame of fake fighting we'll give you triple your money back and you keep the tape. In 5 years we've never been challenged.

Our club is only for serious collectors of competitive fighting females. If you determine the value of a tape by the number of minutes per dollar cost, we don't want you on our mailing list. Our matches average about 20-25 minutes some go fifteen minutes, some go an hour and fifteen minutes. The point being, it takes three submissions (we don't do pins) to win. If a girl gets beat three times in fifteen minutes there is some pretty serious ass being kicked.

We do mostly topless and nude matches. Some girls, like Sally McNeill, don't do topless. For her we make an exception. Fighters are paid a bonus to win and an additional bonus if they win a submission with a face-sit. So the financial as well as the pride factor make for some great matches. Our fans have told us the face-sitting is the most desired feature of a match.

We enjoy the long, grinding, taunting face-sitting. That makes us major fans of Joan Wise. In a business full of Ralph Arroyos and others like him, Joan and Larry have redefined giving the fan exactly what the brochure says. But our other passion is real combat. Yet in real fighting, you can face-sit a girl if you know how, but you generally can't keep her there for very long. So we now do "Joan Wise for Real". Our nude matches go until there is a winner, and the victrix then has a specified amount of time to do what ever she wants to the loser. The minute we started this, our sales went through the roof. Our wrestling matches sell for $60, with great quantity discounts.

Our other speciality is boxing. Again, we will only do real boxing. Most girls won't box for real, so we've only put on 8 matches. But they are the best 8 boxing matches in the business. Sally McNeill and Christine Dupree have put on two great boxing matches. Sally and Dianne Berry had a great slugfest and Christine Dupree just knocked out a girl from England. We use 8 oz gloves, and fight five three-minute rounds. Our first was a topless match that ended in a knockout, and our 8th match (just taped and available soon) ends in a knockout. In previous issues AiA has raved about our boxing. Because of the cost for fighters our boxing matches sell for $80, with discounts for buying two or more.