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Xena Production

© Xena Production, (logo used in video's)
Location Brussels, Belgium
Years active 2022 - present

Xena Production is a wrestling video production company founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 2022, by Xena. The company is run by Xena herself.

Xena produces a wide variety of videos: competitive, semi-competitive, fantasy or fetish wrestling matches, female or mixed, catfight, thigh scissor match, bondage wrestling, armwrestling, boxing, kickboxing, holds challenge, lift and carry, roleplay. Some scenarios are quite original, such as striptease matches, 2 vs 1 matches, bum sumo, tits fight, KO contest, yogurt wrestling, pantyhose oil wrestling, catball or catfight on the beach.

Xena production organizes occasionally its own events, such as in Lisbon in January and March 2023 with several wrestling matches in different styles.

The company also offers to make custom videos.

Xena Production was the subject of several articles in FCI Women's Wrestling Magazine during the first months of 2024.

A first article published on February 15, mentions her Production in these words : « Xena Productions - Some of the best Women’s Wrestling videos ever. (…) Xena is very passionate about her wrestling and incredible sessions.»

Another article of the same magazine, published on March 1, has the title « Xena Productions - Stellar women’s competitive wrestling ». The article explains : « We all love variety and we are always searching for quality female submission wrestling. When we visited Xena of Belgium’s website, we were happy we came to the right place. ».

An article published on April 16 mentions about Xena and her production : « (…) every time we look, it just seems to get better.(…) As a wrestler and recruiter, Xena is making a name for herself. »

This article from May 4 talks about Xena's match against VeVe Lane which took place the year before in New York.

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Notable Wrestlers

The most iconic wrestler for the production is Xena, who has founded the company.

Other notable fighters are Adelie, Alexis Luna, Angel, Angelica KO, BJJ Bad Girl, Dawn, Diana, Erin, Ginger, Kat, Kiniku, Kortney Olson, Lana Luxor, Lara, Lenya, Lexi, Manu Albertine, Michela, Natasha, Nikki, Pamela, Petra, Rage, Sarah Brooke, Siren, Tanya, Tia, Venus, Venom, VeVe Lane, Viper and Vixen.

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