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Action Sports Productions

Action Sports Logo
Location Tucson Arizona
Years active 1998 - 2000?

Action Sports Productions was a female wrestling and boxing video production company, based in Tucson Arizona. It operated for a period of time at the end of the 1990's but it is unclear exactly when or why it ceased production. It had a variety of matches of which some, particularly wrestling, were themed or semi-competitive, but the boxing bouts were fought for real. It produced both topless and non-topless matches in both genres, and headguards were used when full-contact boxing was involved.

Not much is known about the company other than it appears to pre-date the Internet. It sold its products to customers by requesting them to submit orders in writing to the company address, and never originally had a website as far as can be established.

Action Sports videos were filmed to high quality, often using more than one camera and also having slo-mo inserts for particular action, especially in boxing bouts. Matches were normally held in proper rings and all boxing bouts had a referee present.

Notable Boxers

Most of the company's roster of around fifteen girls made just one or two appearances and did not feature for any other company. The exception to this were Stephanie Foxx who also boxed for Bad Apple and Toni T who appeared for DT Wrestling and Arena Girls.


Web Sites

Although the company has long since ceased to exist, its catalogue continues to be available at the following :-