Bad Apple Productions

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Bad Apple Productions

Bad Apple Logo
Location Sunnyvale California
Years active 1997 - 2008

Bad Apple Productions was in some ways the American equivalent of Old LGIS in that it concentrated almost exclusively on boxing with just a handful of wrestling bouts, and that it held full-contact topless boxing events in front of paying audiences on a regular basis. The boxing bouts were organised in a professional way with a full-sized ring, a referee present and two corner men to assist the boxers - the company's referee was usually "Jimmy" but for one event Christina refereed some bouts as well as boxing. The girls wore 16 oz. gloves and did not use protective headgear. The company became active in 1997 and produced 14 boxing videos, most with 3 bouts each but also some compilation videos which had up to 5 each, and a single wrestling video with 2 bouts was also produced. No new material seems to have appeared after around 2004 and by 2009 the website had been taken down.

Notable Boxers

Most of the company's roster of around twenty girls made just one or two appearances and did not feature for any other company. The main exception to this was Chantel who wrestled and boxed for several other producers including Video Sports, JMRolen, Leather & Lace and California Wildcats. Stephanie Fox and Christina also fought elsewhere.


Web Sites

The only vendor for Bad Apple at present is :-