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C&B Video

C&B logo used on their website in the 2000s.
Location USA
Years active early 1990s - 2010

C&B Video

C&B Video was an early women's wrestling production company based in the USA's Pacific northwest. Initially they sold VHS tapes via mail order; in 1995 they marketed through a now-defunct website. C&B Video's primary focus was mixed (F vs M) wrestling; although they did offer a number of F vs F titles. The latter were typically more competitive wrestling, as opposed to the risque offerings coming from other producers of the 1980s / early 1990s, such as Triumph Studios.

C&B Video was founded and run by Alissa Wright (also one of the company's main wrestlers) and her husband. She said in around 2006 :-

'"C&B began 14 years ago when an office co-worker and I drew up a very unusual contract. This co-worker had an annoying habit of asking the girls in the office if they had five minutes for a wrestling match. So---I challenged him. We would video tape the encounter and play it for the entertainment of the office. Moreover--if I won I could sell the tape! Hence was born C&B video and our first video MU-1."'

The two later divorced which may or may not have furthered the company's downfall. C&B Video's website was still active through 2009, and still at least online in January 2010; however by the summer of that year the company had ceased to exist.

The company's matches are exceedingly hard to find today. The vast bulk of the library was marketed as VHS tapes and little of it was migrated to DVD or digital. The website www.rockin-roxanne.com at one point offered some C&B Video titles, but it is unclear if it still does.

Notable Wrestlers

The company's roster was almost entirely in-house and changed frequently. One major name guest wrestler was Danni Ashe, and another was the iconic Hollywood. Two longtime roster members were a talented wrestler of Asian descent under the name Fuschia (who reportedly also offered session matches in the Seattle, WA area), and, the aforementioned Alissa. Tall, athletic and beautiful, Alissa was possibly the company's main attraction.


Left, an example of a typical C&B Video match. Right, Alissa.