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Caz in April 1996
Nationality British
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 130 lb (59.0 kg; 9.3 st)
Wrestles for TPC
Years active 1995 - 1996
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 2
Losses 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Caz fought exclusively for TPC during 1995-1996.

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Notable Matches

Caz vs. Terri Vixen

TPC 96-6

The fight was held in April 1996 at a gym in Norfolk, England. It was Terri Vixen’s first appearance for TPC and Caz’s third. The match, which was described as “semi-pro” in style, was held in a pro-ring with the two women fighting topless in panties and hose. The fight was scheduled for ten, five minute rounds with pins, submissions or a knockout to determine the winner. As the two fighters stepped into the ring it was clear that Terri held all the advantages over Caz, she was more experienced than her younger opponent, slightly taller, and weighed quite a bit more – 17 lbs heavier in fact.

The fight started fairly sedately, but it didn’t take long for Terri to try to take control by using profession style holds to dominate Caz, but the younger fighter fought back with holds of her own and the first round ended with no point being scored. In the second round Caz upped her game and after some impressive attempted bodyscissor submission holds she managed to get the first fall of the match with a straddle pin. Caz started the third round determined to extend her lead and for a couple of minutes it looked as if she might succeed, but as the round proceeded Terri started to take control with a series of impressive holds. Despite Terri’s efforts the round ended with no score, so Caz remained in the lead by one point.

From the start of round four Terri took control of the fight dominating Caz with a variety of holds until 3½ minutes into the round she equalized the score with a crossbody pin. Terri once again dominated the action in round five using some notable hold, including a boston crab, but despite this she was not able to get a fall so the round ended even at one fall each.

Terri teased Caz at the start of round six to “come and get her”, and less than one minute later Terri took her second point with a superb folding matchbook pin (see below). After a short break the match restarted with Caz making a determined effort to equalize the score, but her efforts were thwarted when Terri trapped her in headscissors which she then converted into a crossbody pin to give her the lead by 3-1.

Terri dominated Caz from the off in round seven and it took just two minutes for her to get her next point, this time with a submission from a painful leg-twist (see below). The referee ended the round at that point and with the score now standing at 4-1 to Terri.

Round eight started with Terri bouncing out of her corner obviously keen to start taking apart her now demoralised opponent. She grabbed Caz, pushed her backwards into the ropes, and trapped her there repeatedly body-bumping her back onto the ropes when she tried to escape. Terri followed this move by taking Caz to the mat in double chicken wing hold and then applying a combination choke hold and bodyscissors. After some 30 seconds Terri rolled Caz over, lifted her head in a chin-pull, and applied an armbar. Despite groaning in pain Caz didn’t respond to Terri’s demand to submit, so Terri rolled her younger opponent over and folded her up into another splendidly executed folding body pin to give Terri the lead by 5-1.

At the start of round nine Caz and Terri locked up in a test of strength. Terri skilfully controlled Caz slowly manipulating the younger woman onto her knees and then manoeuvring her into a bodyscissors. Within seconds Terri had Caz trapped in a combination hair-lift and choke hold which quickly brought her a second submission taking the score to 6-1 to Terri.

Terri came out of her corner at the start of round ten smiling, she gleefully beckoned her opponent to come towards her and restart the fight. Caz in contrast looked despondent and fearful as she moved towards her opponent. Terri toyed with Caz for some seconds by dodging round the ring avoiding Caz’s attempts to lock up with her. When Terri did engage she quickly took Caz to the mat and spread her out in a grapevine pin, but for some reason the referee did not take a count. Terri called for Caz’s submission, but despite groaning in pain the younger fighter would not submit.

“Come on you’re tired, give up!” demanded Terri as she pressed Caz harder to the mat, and after another 30 seconds Caz submitted to make the score 7-1. Terri got up and immediately pulled Caz to her feet, then she locked a sleeper style choke on the younger woman’s neck and dragged her round the ring in the choke hold until she submitted. The referee declared the end of round ten and the end of the match with Terri having won by the margin of 8-1.

Having secure her opponent’s utter defeat Terri threw Caz to the mat and then, as the referee declared Terri the winner, she pushed Caz dismissively down with her foot. Terri returned to her corner with her arms raised to celebrate her victory, but after a few seconds she came back to Caz who was crouched on the mat and pulled her up by her hair in a final act of conquering domination. Caz looked utterly humiliated and dejected by her defeat and it is not surprising that this was her last fight for TPC.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Caz's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
1995 TPC TPC-95-12-2 Sam Jones 2-1 Pins only Topless Sporting but competitive bout with two well-matched girls fighting to gain pin-downs Link to match
1995 TPC TPC-95-12-3 Chanel 2-1 Pins only Topless Sporting but competitive bout with two well-matched girls fighting to gain pin-downs Link to match
April 1996 TPC TPC-96-6 Terri Vixen 1-8 Pro-style pins & submissions Topless Caz is defeated and humiliated by Terri (see Notable matches) Link to match

Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record

A list of Caz's competitive F/M wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
1995 TPC TPC-95-6 Mark n/k Pins & submissions Monokini Link to match