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The Private Collection
Location Norfolk, England
Years active 1985 - 2010

The Private Collection

The Private Collection was an established wrestling producer which had its origins in the Festelle company. This was originally jointly run by Phil Ryder and Phil Barrett, but Phil Barrett left Festelle in the mid-eighties to set up his own company - TPC - based in East Dereham, in Norfolk England. TPC operated in the female wrestling video business for 25 years but seems to have become inactive since 2011.

The reason for the split is unclear but the contrast in the subsequent productions by the two companies does indicate the two Festelle founders had differing views on what they were looking to produce. Festelle developed into a multi-faceted company, with videos ranging from aggressive topless or nude fighting with a referee present through to purely erotic encounters. TPC produced videos which were competitive but somewhat restrained, without genuine aggression on either side. Many matches were topless but a large number were fought in one-piece swimsuits. No visible referees were used, the matches controlled where necessary by off-screen instructions/interventions. There was no nudity, and while some matches were described as erotic-style they were essentially semi-competitive with breast/crotch-mauling and extended face-sitting allowed.

In addition to their own productions they were affiliated with the American Woman's World producer therefore a large number of WW videos were also made available in the TPC catalogue. They also had sub-divisions of material grouped into the Video Combat series and the Special Collectors' series.

A number of the TPC wrestling bouts were held in a ordinary room with a handful of spectators crammed in to watch the action. This setting sometimes seemed slightly bizarre when the room still contained items of furniture or pictures hanging on the walls. A gym was also used for some matches, occasionally with a proper ring set up, and on at least one occasion members of the roster travelled to USA to compete in an event co-staged with Woman's World.

Although their own website is still available they now seem to operate through the Kontex network as and the contents of their original site are gradually transferring to this site.

Notable Wrestlers

Most of the company's roster fought exclusively for TPC with just a few who appeared for other companies, mainly Festelle. The regular girls were exceptionally good-looking and included Laura Lee, Lucy Brand, Sonja Van der Beck, Stacey Lane, Kelly Blair, Angela Scott, Terri Vixen, Anne Marie, Yasmin and Anna Michaels. Well known visiting wrestlers included Robin, Tina Antman, Lisa Marie, Luna Winter, Susanne S and Susan Strong.

Most of the matches produced by TPC were competitive wrestling but they also produced some semi-competitive/erotic wrestling, and a few boxing bouts. The boxing match between Laura Lee and Lucy Brand was a very memorable full-on battle.


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