Luna Winter

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Luna Winter

Luna at the TPC in 1993
Nationality Italian
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight 130 lb (59.0 kg; 9.3 st)
Wrestles for TPC, Festelle and Joan Wise Productions
Years active 1991-2002
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 11
Losses 14
Draws 4
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Luna Winter wrestled for TPC and Festelle from about 1991 until 2002 - her connection with TPC lasted a remarkable ten years and she was their most prolific fighter of all time, perhaps surprisingly since her record was unexceptional in terms of wins. Her matches with TPC and Festelle were mainly competitive with just a few which veered into more semi-competitive/erotic territory, and included a few fairly restrained boxing matches. She also visited USA on one occasion for a series of three bouts for Joan Wise in which she fought well against powerful and experienced opponents. At 5'10" she was usually taller than most of her opponents, but this did not necessarily give her an advantage against smaller but more technically proficient and aggressive wrestlers such as Tina.

Luna gave a short interview to Phil Barrett in 1994 in which she mentioned that she had been wrestling for over 2 years. In answer to his question, she said that she enjoyed wrestling for its own sake and that the money she was paid was secondary, and as evidence of this discussed her recent trip to the USA where she had several challenging bouts, winning two of them. She said she had been disappointed to lose bouts to Susan Strong and Sonja at TPC and that the USA bouts were intended to help improve her ability - she admitted she needed to make better use of her size and said that she was now weight-training. Phil asked if this meant she intended to continue wrestling for the foreseeable future and she replied that she did. In this regard she was certainly true to her word.

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Notable matches

Reviews of some of Luna's most notable matches.

Luna vs. Anju

FV83-4 International Topless Tournament Part3

Luna was paired with Indian wrestler Anju in what looked at first sight like a total mis-match - she towered over her diminutive opponent, with a height advantage of nearly one foot together with a weight advantage of around two stones. However the smaller girl was unfazed, and was ready and willing to fight. It took a while for Luna to force Anju to the mats, but once she was able to straddle her she gradually worked her way into position to win a pindown. At this stage it appeared Luna would be able to gain at least another couple of pins within the 10-minute duration but Anju had already shown herself to be surprisingly strong. After a concerted effort to repeat the straddle pin Luna found herself rolled and straddled, and was then trapped in body scissors as she tried to escape. She could not break the hold and was forced to submit. Neither girl could gain a dominant position in the remaining time and a draw was a fair result in the end. This was one of Luna's earlier matches and it was clear that at this stage she did not have the technique to make best use of her impressive physique.


Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Luna's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1991 June Festelle FV83-4 International Topless Part3 Anju 1-1 Pins and submissions Topless Luna scored a pin but was forced to submit once herself (see Notable matches) Link to match Luna-Anju01.jpg
1991 June Festelle FV84-2 International Topless Part3 Sheila A 0-1 Pins and submissions Topless Luna submitted to a prolonged body-press from Sheila Link to match Luna-Sheila01.jpg
1992? Festelle FV87-4 Combat Carnival Laurie 0-1 Pins and submissions Topless Under relentless pressure, Luna finally submitted the match when trapped in a folding pin Link to match Luna-Laurie03.jpg
1992? Festelle FV92-2 and FV145-2 Penny 0-2 Pins and submissions Topless Luna submitted to Penny’s camel clutch and then to a standing pindown. Link to match Luna-Penny01.jpg
1992? Festelle FV87-11 Combat Carnival Anna Michaels 2-0 Pins and submissions Topless Luna worked hard to outmuscle Anna and score two pindowns, gaining revenge for her defeat at TPC Link to match FES Anna-Luna01.jpg
1995? Festelle FV145-3 Susan Strong TKO Pins and submissions Topless A match which began competitive but became purely erotic later as Susan chose to become submissive and finished naked Link to match FES Luna-Susan01.jpg
1991 TPC 91-6-2 International Face Pins Part1 Anna Michaels 0-1 Face-sit pins and submissions Topless Anna got the better of Luna, ending the match with a long face-sit pin Link to match TPC Anna-Luna03.jpg
1991 TPC 91-7 International Face Pins Part2 Tina 0-5 Facesit pins and submissions Topless Tina cut the taller Luna down to size, showing off her strength and forcing repeated submissions Link to match TPC Tina-Luna01.jpg
1992 TPC 92-4-2 Erotic Catfights Angela Scott TKO Erotic catfight-wrestling Topless Barely competitive but sensual action between two stunning wrestlers before Angela conceded Link to match TPC Luna-Angela04.jpg
1992 TPC 92-9-2 Boxing In The Ring Anna Michaels Boxing Non-topless A semi-competitive bout between two very evenly matched fighters Link to match TPC Anna-Luna10.jpg
1992 TPC 92-9-6 Boxing In The Ring Anna Michaels KO Boxing Topless A topless return bout - essentially a slightly competitive sparring contest Link to match TPC Anna-Luna11.jpg
1992? TPC TPC-05-2-1 Competitive Long Pins Marie B Pts Pins only Topless Luna was too strong for her opponent and succeeded in pinning her on several occasions Link to match MarieB-Luna.jpg
1993 TPC 93-4-3 Erotic Domination Wrestling Kelly Blair 1-0 Pins and submissions Topless Evenly-matched grappling until Luna established a winning straddle pin on Kelly Link to match TPC Luna-Kelly01.jpg
1993 TPC 93-9-1 Competitive topless wrestling Susan Strong 2-3 Pins and submissions Topless Susan won with a headlock and two body-scissors submissions to Luna’s two pins Link to match Luna-Susan01.jpg
1993 TPC 93-13-2 Sonja 0-2 Pins and Submissions Topless In a competitive fight, Sonja won with a scissors submission and a face-sit pin Link to match TPC Luna-Sonja11.jpg
1993 TPC 93-14-2 Anne Marie 3-0 Pins and Submissions Topless Anne Marie battled well but Luna forced her to submit three times Link to match TPC Luna-Anne-Marie01.jpg
1994 TPC 94-4-5 Amanda 1-0 Pins and Submissions Non-topless Amanda put up a courageous battle against experienced wrestler Luna before finally submitting to body-scissors Link to match Amanda-Luna01.jpg
1995 TPC 95-8-4 Michele Grey 2-0 Pins and submissions Topless Luna chose to take her time in beating her petite opponent in a one-sided encounter Link to match TPC Michele-Luna01.jpg
1995 TPC 95-7-3 Catfights International Stacey 0-1 Pins and submissions Clothed to topless A semi-competitive apartment catfight with Stacey using a face-sit pin to finish Luna off Link to match TPC Luna-Stacey09.jpg
1995 TPC 95-9-1 Topless International club wrestling Marie 3-0 Pins and submissions Topless Luna won with 2 body-scissors submissions and a folding body-press pin. Link to match Luna-Marie02.jpg
1995 TPC TPC-98-4-3 Live event - outdoor catfighting Amanda Long 0-0 Catfight wrestling Clothed to topless Amanda and Luna competed in an outdoor catfight-style match in front of an audience, and while they vigorously tore each others clothes off neither girl wished to take the hair-pulling too far Link to match Amanda-Luna07.jpg
1996 TPC 96-9 Terri Vixen 0-1 Pins & submissions Topless Oiled wrestling - pins to the count of 10 Link to match Terri-Luna01.jpg
1996 TPC 96-12-3 Stacey 0-0 Catfight Wrestling Swimsuits to topless A training bout in swimsuits followed by fairly restrained catfighting in lingerie Link to match TPC Luna-Stacey08.jpg
1998 TPC 98-3-2 International Topless Wrestling Lisa Marie 0-1 Submissions only Topless Lisa Marie won with a body-scissors submission after 35 minutes Link to match Luna-LisaMarie01.jpg
1998? TPC SCS3-1 Unequal Battle Ayeshia n/k Ring wrestling Topless Luna was given a comprehensive beating by the dominant Ayeshia who subjected her opponent to all kinds of punishment Link to match Luna-Ayeshia.jpg
2002 TPC 02-4-2 Full Competitive Wrestling Laura Lee 0-1 Pins and submissions Topless Laura proved too strong for her opponent in what was Luna's last ever match for TPC Link to match TPC Laura-Luna.jpg
1993 Joan Wise VT159 The Heart Of A Lion Treena Collins 0-1 Pins & submissions Topless Luna started well but was overwhelmed and flattened as Treena facesat her to a finish Link to match JW Luna-Lynn-Marie01.jpg
1993 Joan Wise VT170 Fighting Females Brittany 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless Luna made her experience count with a dominant performance to win emphatically Link to match JW Luna-Brittany01.jpg
1993 Joan Wise VT180b European Fighters Inga 0-1 Pins & submissions Topless Luna was creamed by a strong opponent who systematically worked her over before face-sitting her to a finish Link to match JW Luna-Inga01.jpg

Non-competitive female wrestling record

A list of Luna's non-competitive and erotic F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1993? Festelle FV86-1 Ex-Friends Catfight Antonia W TKO Catfight wrestling Clothed to topless Luna roughed the weaker Antonia up and slaps her around until she had had enough Link to match FES Luna-Antonia01.jpg
1993? Festelle FV86-2 Ex-Friends Catfight Lorna B TKO Catfight wrestling Clothed to topless Luna controlled Lorna, subjecting her to prolonged breast-mauling until she quits Link to match FES Luna-Lorna01.jpg
1993 Festelle E11-1 Becky A 1-0 Straddle match Topless Luna won with a long face-sit pin culminating with a humiliating wedgie. Link to match Luna-Becky04.jpg
1994 TPC 94-12-3 Themed Catfight Kelly Catfight-Wrestling Clothed to topless Kelly and Luna stripped each other in the course of a gentle catfight with breast-mauling and SG pins Link to match Luna-Kelly24.jpg
1994 TPC SCS1-2 Strength Test Stacey Light wrestling Topless Stacey and Luna had a gentle wrestling session plus lift-and-carry to establish who wass stronger Link to match TPC Luna-Stacey10.jpg
1994 TPC SCS1-3 Strength Test Kelly Blair Light wrestling Topless Kelly and Luna had a gentle wrestling session plus lift-and-carry to establish who was stronger Link to match TPC Luna-Kelly11.jpg

Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record

A list of Luna's competitive F/M wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Gallery of competitive female fights

Gallery of non-competitive and erotic female fights