Lisa Marie

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Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie at TPC in 1996
Nationality New Zealander
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight 161 lb (73.0 kg; 11.5 st)
Wrestles for TPC, Les Femmes Fatales, Women Warriors, Joan Wise Productions and Cal Supreme
Years active 1993 - 2001
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 16
Losses 2
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Lisa Marie was a wrestler and boxer who fought for TPC, Women Warriors, Cal Supreme and Joan Wise from about 1993 until the early 2000s. She mainly fought other women, but did do some mixed wrestling for Joan Wise. Mostly Lisa Marie fought topless or in a bathing costume, but she also did some nude wrestling for Women Warriors and Joan Wise. She was a skilled and strong fighter which made her difficult to beat. In the April 1995 edition of Amazons in Action magazine Marquis wrote:
“It is becoming extremely difficult to find opponents for Lisa Marie who do not appear to be mis-matched, for even the best Americans at W.I.S.C cannot live with her.” Her only weaker area was boxing, and when she appeared in several Cal Supreme bouts she suffered defeats by Robin and Lolita.

Notable matches

Michele Grey vs. Lisa Marie

TPC-93-20-2 Topless Competitive Wrestling

The match title is misleading as this bout is barely competitive at all with the experienced wrestler/boxer Lisa Marie towering over petite novice fighter Michele. To her credit Michele is not intimidated and does her best to make a match of it, but she has no chance of beating these odds. Lisa Marie takes her opponent through a variety of holds and pins, achieving one pindown and one submission, in a fairly restrained way. Michele is game and enthusiastic throughout and seems to enjoy the wrestling experience - it was a pity TPC didn't have a girl her size with whom she could be matched, to find out how much potential she could have had as a wrestler.

Lena Davey vs. Lisa Marie

TPC-94-9-1 Topless Competitive Wrestling

The referee, Phil Barrett, introduced the contest as a “no rules and no time limit” wrestling match with submissions and pins. Lena Davey at 5ft 5ins and 145lbs from London, England was pitched against Lisa Marie, from New Zealand, who at 5ft 10ins and145lbs was fighting a little above her normal weight. The “no time limit” stipulation meant that the fight would be ended by one of the fighters surrendering the entire match.
Lena started the fight aggressively, first trying to get a fall with a grapevine pin and when that failed she managed to get Lisa in a bodyscissors which gave the Londoner the first submission of the match. The second session started with Lena taking the lead again, but quickly the New Zealander took control and in just under 2 minutes she equalized the score with a bodyscissors submission of her own.
It soon became apparent in session three that Lisa Marie was progressively taking complete control of the fight. The New Zealander manipulated Lena in a number of holds until after another 5 minutes of intense wrestling the Londoner was made to submit to a second powerful bodyscissors.
Lisa Marie completely dominated the action in session four putting her English opponent in a succession of painful holds whilst not quite forcing her to submit. Despite the “no rules” stipulation, at one point the referee had to stop Lisa Marie from injuring Lena in a choke hold. Finally after 10 minutes of unremitting punishment Lena was forced to submit to a superbly executed combination of chinpull and leglock holds which gave Lisa Marie the lead by 3 falls to 1.
Having been wrestling hard for nearly 20 minutes both women were sweating profusely at the start of session five. From the start the New Zealander totally dominated the action putting her opponent through hold after hold in quick succession. After some 3 minutes of this action Lisa trapped Lena face down in a double leglock and it looked as this would be the New Zealander’s submission hold, but then she lifted the Londoner’s legs and moved her into a Boston Crab. Lena cried in pain as Lisa Marie bent her backwards in this fearsome hold. The London yelled out her submission, but Lisa Marie kept up the pressure and called for Lena to submit the match. Phil Barrett called the submission, but Lisa still would not release the hold instead insisting that Lena must submit the match. Lena, by now screaming in pain, at last called out her complete submission. However, Lisa kept up the pressure on the Boston Crab until the match submission was confirmed by the referee when, finally, she released her hold.
Lena remained face down on the mat for some time recovering from her ordeal as Lisa Marie returned to her corner. Slowly Lena got to her knees as the referee announced the result of the fight. Lisa Marie came and stood stride her defeated opponent and pulled the Londoner’s hair in a dismissive gesture before raising both arms in triumph at her convincing victory.

Lisa Marie vs Raven

Joan Wise Classics, Private Collection (PC015) – “Goodbye Girl”

The fight starts when Lisa Marie and Raven have a disagreement about who has the sexiest body. They strip off clothes and are soon fighting on a conveniently placed wrestling mat.
Lisa Marie uses her breasts to slap Raven’s face saying "Take a good look, baby." Raven not only gets a look at Lisa Marie’s breasts, but also finds herself being smothered by them. The New Zealander is soon in total control of the fight and Raven spends most of her time with her back on the mat at the receiving end of bodyscissors, headlocks, breast smothering pins, leg-splits, and numerous facesit pins.
By the half way point both fighters are glistening with sweat and Raven's long black hair has become a sweat soaked mop. Although Raven only formally submits once in the fight it is clear by the 15 minute point that she has been thoroughly beaten by her bigger and stronger opponent. In the final 15 minutes Raven is dragged around and dominated like a rag-doll by Lisa Marie. The New Zealander finally subjects her defeated opponent to a series of facesit pins which Raven hates, but is helpless to resist. At the very end of the fight Raven is left thoroughly dejected and humiliated with hardly enough energy to get to her feet. A comprehensive win for Lisa Marie!

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Lisa Marie's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1993 TPC 93-20-2 Competitive topless wrestling Michele 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless An easy win for Lisa Marie against a much smaller opponent (see notable fight) Link to match Lisa-Michele01.jpg
1994 TPC 94-9-1 Competitive topless wrestling Lena 4-1 No rules wrestling Topless See Notable Fight Link to match LisaMarie-Lena06.jpg
1995 TPC TPC 95-3-1 Lisa Marie in America Sasha Lee 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless Lisa Marie wins with a bodyscissors and a headscissors Link to match LisaMarie-Sasha02.jpg
1995 TPC TPC 95-3-2 Lisa Marie in America Jill Monroe 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless Lisa Marie wins with head and bodyscissors submissions Link to match LisaMarie-JillMonroe02.jpg
1995 TPC TPC 95-3-3 Lisa Marie in America Christine Marshall 6-1 Pins & submissions Topless Christine is defeated by a bigger opponent (5'10" 150lbs) (see photo) Link to match LisaMarie-ChristineMarshall01.jpg
1996 TPC TPC 96-1-2 International competitive topless wrestling Candi Moore 3-0 Pins & submissions Topless Lisa Marie wins with 3 pins – a straddle, a bodypress and a folding pin Link to match LisaMarie-Candi02.jpg
1998 TPC 98-3-2 International Topless Wrestling Luna 1-0 Submissions only Topless Lisa Marie wins with a bodyscissor submission after 35 minutes Link to match Luna-LisaMarie01.jpg
1994 Joan Wise VT181 "You lost my..." Tina 1-0 Humiliation fight Clothed & topless Tina loses to a stronger rival Link to match VT-181 Tina-Lisa Marie.jpg
1996 Joan Wise PC015 “Goodbye Girl” Raven 1-0 Humiliation fight Naked Raven is thoroughly defeated and humiliated (see Notable Fight) Link to match LisaMarie-Raven03b.jpg
1994? Cal Supreme VT120-2 Painful Rematch Robin 4-0 Submissions only Topless Lisa Marie used her powerful scissors holds to overwhelm Robin, racking up 4 submissions in a one-sided bout Link to match VT 120-2 Lisa Marie vs Robin.jpg
1994? Cal Supreme VT123 Held Helpless Judy 6-1 Pins & submissions Topless Lisa Marie took complete control and showed novice Judy no mercy, subjecting her to some painful punishment Link to match Judy-LM2.jpg
1995? Cal Supreme VT177 Lolita 5-1 Pins and Submissions Topless A bad-tempered bout which Lolita threatens to quit unless Ron ensures Lisa Marie fights fair Not available Lolita-Lisa Marie02.jpg
1995? Cal Supreme VT183-1 Lolita TKO Boxing Topless Lisa Marie floors Lolita twice but is finally forced to quit the bout herself because of injured ribs Not available Lolita-Lisa Marie50.jpg
1995? Cal Supreme VT183-2 Robin KO Boxing Topless A punishing defeat for Lisa Marie who suffers a bloody nose before Robin punches her out N/A Lisa Marie-Robin50.jpg
1995? Cal Supreme VT191 Lolita 5-2 Pins and Submissions Topless A battling performance from Lolita but Lisa Marie is too powerful and skilful for her Not available Lolita-Lisa Marie01.jpg
1995 Women Warriors W-35 Raven 3-0 Submissions only Nude Lisa Marie takes only few minutes to extract 3 submissions from Raven Link to match LisaMarie-Raven01.jpg
1996? Women Warriors W-44 Jacqueline 3-0 Submissions only Nude Jacqueline fought well, but eventually succumbed to Lisa Marie’s greater size and strength. Link to match LisaMarie-Jacqueline03.jpg
1996? Video Sports V067 Africa 1-0 Submissions only Non-topless Lisa Marie fought an equally-sized opponent and was pushed to her limits in a titanic struggle N/A Lisa-Africa01.jpg


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