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Lolita wrestling for LFF against Billie
Born Lola
Nationality English
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Weight 130 lb (59.0 kg; 9.3 st)
Wrestles for Les Femmes Fatales, Cal Supreme and APL
Years active 1994-1998
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 2
Losses 15
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Slim, toned Lolita (AKA Lola) was a wrestler and boxer who made a large number of appearances for APL, Cal Supreme and Les Femmes Fatales. She was game and enthusiastic as well as being fairly tall at 5' 9" but had little success in winning her bouts. Her first appearances at APL were particularly tough as she competed in three 4-girl round-robin tournaments with experienced fighters Robin, Tina and Ana. She lost every fight in the tournaments but won praise for her dogged determination and courage.

She continued to face challenging opponents at other companies, boxing and wrestling with New Zealand amazon Lisa Marie at Cal Supreme and taking on the legendary Hollywood at Les Femmes Fatales.

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Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Lolita's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1995? APL 83-1 Robin 0-11 Face-sitting and submission Topless Total annihilation as Robin demolishes her taller opponent, winning endless submissions Not available APL83 Robin-Lolita01.jpg
1995? APL 83-4 Ana 0-7 Face-sitting and submission Topless Lolita fought gamely but conceded numerous submissions to her experienced opponent Not available Lola-Ana20.jpg
1995? APL 83-5 Tina 1-4 Face-sitting and submission Topless Tina wears down her taller opponent, winning with head and body scissors Not available APL83 Lola-Tina01.jpg
1995? APL 86-1 Ana 1-3 Head scissors, arm bars and choking to submission Topless Lolita was forced into three submissions but made Ana submit to a feet-choke move Not available Lola-Ana21.jpg
1995? APL 86-3 Robin 3-5 Head scissors, arm bars and choking to submission Topless Robin has to work hard to beat Lolita in a rough bout with breast-mauling and hair-pulling Not available APL86 Robin-Lolita01.jpg
1995? APL 86-5 Tina 1-3 Head scissors, arm bars and choking to submission Topless Tina punishes Lolita with harsh figure4 headlocks and head scissors Not available APL86 Tina-Lolita01.jpg
1995? APL 96-1 Ana 2-3 Face-sitting long pin SG pin Topless Fine battling performance by Lolita who loses narrowly by three face-sit pins to two Not available Lola-Ana22.jpg
1995? APL 96-4 Robin 1-4 Face-sitting long pin SG pin Topless Robin mostly in charge with face-sitting and SG pins though Lolita does well to score 1 pin Not available APL96 Robin-Lolita01.jpg
1995? APL 96-5 Tina 3-6 Face-sitting long pin SG pin Topless Competitive bout with pins being exchanged until Lolita tires and Tina takes charge Not available APL96 Tina-Lolita01.jpg
1996? APL 164-1 Klaudia S 1-2 Pins and submissions Topless Close bout with Klaudia scoring a pin and a scissors submission to Lolita's cross-body pin Not available Lolita-Klaudia01.jpg
1995? Cal Supreme VT177 Lisa Marie 1-5 Pins and Submissions Topless A bad-tempered bout which Lolita threatens to quit unless Ron ensures Lisa Marie fights fair Not available Lolita-Lisa Marie02.jpg
1995? Cal Supreme VT183-1 Lisa Marie TKO Boxing Topless Lisa Marie floors Lolita twice but is finally forced to quit the bout herself because of injured ribs Not available Lolita-Lisa Marie50.jpg
1995? Cal Supreme VT191 Lisa Marie 2-5 Pins and Submissions Topless A battling performance from Lolita but Lisa Marie is too powerful and skilful for her Not available Lolita-Lisa Marie01.jpg
1997? Les Femmes Fatales V040 Hellene 0-1 Pins and submissions Topless Vigorous competitive bout ended when Hellene's extended face-sit pin won a submission Link to match Lolita-Hellene01.jpg
1997? Les Femmes Fatales V056 Billie 1-4 Pins and submissions Topless A vigorous and competitive bout with Lolita taking a surprising beating from her smaller opponent Link to match Lolita-Billie02.jpg
1997? Les Femmes Fatales V061 Hollywood n/k Pins and submissions Topless Hollywood and Lolita get into a battle where scissors are the main hold used Link to match Lolita-Hollywood02.jpg