Stacey Lane

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Stacey Lane

Stacey at TPC in 1994
Other names Janet St.John
Nationality British
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight 125 lb (56.7 kg; 8.9 st)
Wrestles for TPC
Years active 1993 - 1998
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 11
Losses 1
Draws 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Stacey Lane, who also used the name "Janet St. John" for some of her appearances, was a wrestler, catfighter and boxer for TPC during the 1990s, and was one of the most regular performers for the company. She fought in the full range of TPC matches - erotic-style, semi-competitive, catfight, mixed and boxing, and appeared both in a swimsuit and topless.

When involved in more competitive action she proved to be a competent wrestler and she was also prepared to try out boxing, taking part in semi-competitive bouts against Angela Scott and Sonja Van der Beck.

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Notable opponents

Stacey was matched against most of the 1990's group of TPC wrestlers at one time or another but Kelly and Luna were her particular rivals. She also wrestled competitively with Susan and was well beaten by her vastly-experienced opponent on the first occasion - however by the time a rematch had been arranged Stacey had trained and practised hard and she was able to return the compliment this time with an emphatic victory.

Notable matches

Reviews of some of Stacey's most notable matches.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Stacey's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1993 TPC 93-4-1 Erotic Domination Wrestling Kelly 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless Initially competitive bout which became highly erotic by the time Stacey finished Kelly off with a facesit pin Link to match KellyBlair15.jpg
1993 TPC 93-9-2 Competitive Wrestling Susan 0-4 Pins & submissions Topless Stacey submitted to four of Susan’s long pins Link to match Stacey-Susan05.jpg
1993 TPC 93-13-4 Sian A 5-0 Pins & submissions Topless Sian was given a wrestling education by Stacey who applied a range of punishing holds before she finished her off with a reverse facesit Link to match Sian-Stacey1.jpg
1994 TPC 94-1-1 Erotic Face-Smother Pins Kelly 3-0 Pins & submissions Topless Stacey used any tactics she felt like, scoring two bodyscissors holds and a facesit pin Link to match TPC Stacey-Kelly01.JPG
1994 TPC 94-1-3 Erotic Face-Smother Pins Susan 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless Stacey used any tactics she felt like, scoring with a bodyscissors hold and a facesit pin Link to match TPC Stacey-Susan02.jpg
1994 TPC 94-5-4 Angela KO Boxing Topless A good bout between two evenly-matched girls ended when Angela tired and succumbed to a KO Link to match TPC Stacey-Angela51.jpg
1994 TPC 94-5-5 Sonja KO Boxing Topless Stacey was knocked down but recovered well to finish Sonja off with the third knockdown of her own Link to match TPC Stacey-Sonja51.jpg
1994 TPC 94-7-5 Charley Lee 1-0 Long pins only Topless A superb bout between two evenly-matched fighters ended when the exhausted Charley was pinned Link to match TPC Stacey-Charley01.jpg
1994 TPC 94-11-3 Sam Jones 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless Stacey won when Sam was obliged to submit at the end of a long straddle pin. Link to match Stacey-Sam01.jpg
1995 TPC SCS-2-1 Susan 4-0 Pins & submissions Topless Stacey scored an emphatic win with three pins and a scissors submission, dominating Susan throughout Link to match StaceyL-SusanS01.jpg
1995 TPC 95-8-2 Sonja Pins & submissions Topless After an even start Stacey brought her scissors and pins into play and quickly destroyed Sonja Link to match TPC Sonja-Stacey05.jpg
1996 TPC 96-12-3 Luna 0-0 Catfight & submissions Swimsuits to topless Training bout in swimsuits followed by fairly restrained catfighting in lingerie Link to match TPC Luna-Stacey08.jpg
1996 TPC VCS-7-1 Luna & Sandy n/k Topless Stacey teamed up with Yasmin to take on Luna and Sandy in a pro-style tag team match in the ring Link to match Sandy-Stacey01.jpg

Semi-competitive and Non-competitive female wrestling record

A list of Stacey's semi-competitive and non-competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1993 TPC 93-22-1 Angela Erotic wrestling Clothed to topless Stacey dominated Angela in an apartment wrestling match with some restrained slapping and hair-pulling Link to match Stacey-Angela22.jpg
1993 TPC 93-22-3 Louise Erotic wrestling Clothed to topless Louise and Stacey enjoyed a gentle apartment wrestling match with a sensual erotic ending Link to match TPC Louise-Stacey02.jpg
1995 TPC 95-7-3 Catfights International Luna 1-0 Pins & submissions Clothed to topless Semi-competitive apartment catfight with Stacey using a face-sit pin to finish Luna off Link to match TPC Luna-Stacey09.jpg
1995 TPC 95-10-1 Louise Light wrestling Topless Stacey subjected Louise to a series of holds and pins in a dominant display of wrestling Link to match TPC Louise-Stacey05.jpg