Lucy Brand

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Lucy Brand

Lucy mid-bout against Judie in FV136-4
Born 1977
Nationality English
Height 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight 110 lb (49.9 kg; 7.9 st)
Wrestles for TPC, Festelle and Femwin
Years active 1993 - 2003
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 9
Losses 8
Draws 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information
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Slim, flat-chested, feisty and enthusiastic English Lucy Brand was a wrestler and boxer who fought for TPC, Festelle and Femwin. She was invariably a sporting and good-humoured fighter but she had a real determination to win every bout she took part in. Despite her lack of weight she was difficult to beat in wrestling matches as she was quick-moving and stronger than she appeared. However her real preference was boxing and she had excellent technique, power of punch and movement, making her a very challenging opponent. Her bouts with TPC were mainly fully competitive and topless, but her Festelle appearances also included semi-competitive, themed and mixed matches, some fought naked. Her topless mixed boxing bout with John was surprisingly vigorous and competitive as she really went after her opponent. At TPC her particular rival was Laura Lee with whom she wrestled twice and, memorably, donned gloves to box with in a full-on 6-round boxing match during which neither girl held back - Lucy had already boxed twice for Festelle and her experience showed (see Notable matches). Other opponents included TPC wrestlers Vanessa, Jilly, Pam and Debbie as well as visiting wrestlers such as Rose Devlin from Woman's World and the vastly experienced German fighter Susanne S.

At Festelle, regular fighters Felix and Yolanda were among her opponents. She also made an impressive appearance at the Femwin "Midlands Event", surprising the organisers with her ability as she exchanged body-scissors with Festelle regular Tracy.

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Notable matches

Reviews of some of Lucy's most notable matches.

Lucy vs. Laura Lee

TPC 00-18-2

Having been comfortably defeated by Laura in their two previous wrestling bouts, Lucy challenged her to a boxing match to try to exact a little revenge. The fight was to be over 6 rounds of 2 minutes each, with head shots allowed (although neither girl wore a gumshield), and was staged in the usual TPC standard room though without any spectators present thus allowing more space for the boxers to move in. Laura was taller and heavier than her opponent but was a complete novice at boxing whereas Lucy had already fought and won two bouts at Festelle. As with their wrestling bouts, the fight was sporting and good-humoured but also deadly serious throughout. Lucy quickly showed herself to be the more aggressive and effective boxer, punishing Laura repeatedly with powerful right jabs and crosses, and as the match progressed Laura had to become more defensive although she never stopped trying to mix it with her opponent whenever she had the chance. In the fourth round Laura was floored twice, although in both cases it looked like a combination of a punch and loss of balance rather than a straight knockdown, and she took a heavy blow to the nose at the end of the fifth. To her credit she came out for the final round and the two continued punching it out until the final bell. Lucy was the clear winner but Laura was an extremely brave and game opponent in what was one of the best genuine topless boxing matches produced by TPC or any other company.


Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Lucy's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1999? Festelle FV136-4 Judie On points Boxing Topless A good competitive bout with Lucy showing herself to be the better boxer Link to match Lucy-Judie01.jpg
1999? Festelle FV142-3 Nancy C 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless Lucy dominated in a short fight, completely overwhelming her opponent Link to match Lucy-Nancy11.jpg
1999? Festelle FV142-4 Shannon 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless Lucy was far too strong and skilful for her opponent in a very short fight Link to match Lucy-Shannon10.jpg
1999? Festelle FV147-4 Felix U On points Boxing Topless Lucy narrowly edged out first-time boxer Felix who gave her a tough fight Link to match Lucy-Felix10.jpg
2000? Festelle FV155-2 Yolanda Pins & submissions Naked Lightweight Lucy had her work cut out against the taller, heavier Yolanda Link to match Lucy-Yolanda10.jpg
1999? Festelle FV156-1 Yolanda 1-2 Pins & submissions Naked Vigorous mat wrestling with a competitive edge as the girls exchanged naked face-sit pins Link to match Lucy-Yolanda11.jpg
1999? Festelle FV187-5 Candy S On points Boxing Topless / Naked Lucy and naked Candy donned headguards and gumshields in an exhibition bout for Bravo. Candy almost quit after taking a face punch Link to match Lucy-Candy01.jpg
1999? Festelle FV187-6 Carly Boxing Topless / naked Lucy and naked Carly donned headguards and gumshields to box an exhibition bout for the Bravo TV channel Link to match Lucy-Carly01.jpg
1997? Femwin Lucy-Tracy (Girls with History) Tracy n/k Submissions only Bikinis Each wrestler uses devastating scissors holds on the other in a match between two well-matched girls Link to match LucyB-Tracy.JPG
1993 TPC 93-19-4 WISC 1993 Event (VCS11) Kelly n/k Pins & submissions Swimsuits Lively grappling match featuring Lucy in her first bout for WISC/TPC Link to match KellyBlair14.jpg
1993 TPC 93-19-8 WISC 1993 Event (VCS11) Luna n/k Pins & submissions Swimsuits Lively grappling match featuring Lucy in her second bout for WISC/TPC Link to match Lucy-Luna01.jpg
1999 TPC 99-11-1 Laura Lee 0-3 Pins & submissions Topless A vigorous competitive bout in which Laura gradually wore down her lighter opponent Link to match TPC Lucy-Laura06.jpg
1999 TPC 99-18-1 Rose 0-1 Pins & submissions Topless Lucy and Rose were well-matched but Rose had the edge in weight and experience Link to match Lucy-RoseD02.jpg
2000 TPC 00-3-1 Pam M TKO Pins & submissions Topless Lucy was far too strong for newcomer Pam who was forced to quit through injury Link to match Lucy-Pam01.jpg
2000 TPC 00-3-2 Jilly S 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless Lucy wore down her heavier opponent with her relentless attacking to get the win Link to match Lucy-Jilly01.jpg
2000 TPC 00-3-4 Laura Lee 1-5 Pins & submissions Topless Laura and Lucy enjoyed a hard-fought sporting bout but Lucy had no answer to Laura's body-scissors Link to match Lucy-Laura11.jpg
2000 TPC 00-6-2 Susanne 0-2 Pins & submissions Topless Lucy gave experienced German wrestler Susanne a great fight before submitting twice to body-scissors Link to match Lucy-Susanne10.jpg
2000 TPC 00-18-2 Laura Lee 2-0 Boxing Topless Revenge for Lucy as she gave Laura a pounding in a full-on boxing match, flooring her twice(see Notable matches) Link to match Lucy-Laura20.jpg
2001 TPC 01-7-1 Vanessa B Pins & submissions Topless Lucy came out on top in a vigorously-contested match Link to match Lucy-Vanessa10.jpg
2001 TPC 01-11-2 Rose n/k Pro-style wrestling Topless Lucy and Rose used a variety of holds and throws in a fast-moving pro-style encounter Link to match Lucy-RoseD01.jpg
2003 TPC 03-14-2 Debbie P TKO Pins & submissions Topless Powerful Debbie punished Lucy and finally finished her off with brutal head-scissors Link to match Lucy-Debbie04.jpg
2003 TPC SCS23-1 Debbie P Tests of strength Topless Debbie proved too strong for lightweight Lucy in a series of tests of strength Link to match Lucy-Debbie01.jpg

Non-competitive female wrestling record

A list of Lucy's non-competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
2000? Festelle OF8-3 Carly Erotic wrestling Naked Sensual and erotic action as Lucy and Carly met in an oil-wrestling bout Link to match Lucy-Carly10.jpg