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Born December 10, 1979 (1979-12-10) (age 40)
Czech Republic
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Weight 148 lb (67.1 kg; 10.6 st)
Wrestles for DWW and Fighting Dolls
Years active 1998 - present
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 36
Losses 22
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Denise is a wrestler from Czech Republic. She is one of many Czech wrestlers to have wrestled at DWW. She stands at 5’9 which instantly makes her one of the taller athletes at DWW and she uses that to her advantage very well. According to her, her best strengths when wrestling on the mat is her leg scissors, her experience and her strength. Denise is one of longest tenured members of DWW, with her career spanning over the last 17 years to date. One of her first appearances for DWW was in 1998 at a Women Wrestling Convention where she took on the great Helen Von Mott. With her long lasting association with DWW, it has helped her develop into a formidable opponent against her fellow DWW colleagues.

Outside of wrestling Denise enjoys alpine skiing, dancing, watching action movies and drinking whiskey. She now currently wrestles for Fighting Dolls.

Notable matches

Reviews of some of Denise's most notable matches.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Denise's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments
2012 Fighting Dolls FD0035 Mary-Ann 11-1 Pins & Submissions Topless In Jeans Outdoor wrestling on grass. Denise in full control.
2011 DWW MOVIES-1094 Renata B. 13-1 Catfight
2011 DWW MOVIES-1069 Luna 4-1 Pins & Submission
2010 DWW MOVIES-1010 Luna 3-1 Submissions only
2010 DWW MOVIES-1000 Tiffany 0-3 Pins & Submission
2010 DWW MOVIES-917 Luna 2-0 Facesit-pins
2010 DWW MOVIES-829 Pamela 6-0 Pins & Submission
DWW MOVIES-827 Luna 4-0 Pins & Submission Topless Denise applies three headscissors & a facesitting pin.
2010 DWW MOVIES-795 Mary-Ann 9-1 Pins only
2009 DWW MOVIES-765 Mary-Ann 6-0 Pins & Submission
2009/08/06 DWW MOVIES-746 Jana N 1-6 Catfight Topless
2009 DWW MOVIES-726 Tiffany 3-4 Pins & Submission
2009 DWW MOVIES-710 Viktoria M 0-6 Pins & Submission
2009 DWW MOVIES-709 Kimbra 0-3 Pins & Submission
2009 DWW MOVIES-707 Antscha 2-4 Pins & Submission
2009 DWW MOVIES-701 Anita 3-1 Pins & Submission
2009 DWW MOVIES-665 Mel 3-0 Pins & Submission
2009 DWW MOVIES-663 Emanuella 5-0 Pins & Submission
2009 DWW MOVIES-585 Antonia 4-1 Catfight
2009 DWW MOVIES-581 Jana N 5-1 Pins & Submission
2009 DWW MOVIES-578 Dani 6-0 Pins & Submission
2009 DWW MOVIES-541 Jana N 5-1 Catfight
2008 DWW MOVIES-484 Renata B. 3-0 Catfight
2008 DWW MOVIES-450 Anastasia 7-0 Catfight
2008 DWW MOVIES-417 Patricia 5-0 Pins & Submission
2008 DWW MOVIES-414 Adriena 7-0 Pins & Submission
2008 DWW MOVIES-372 Lucille 5-0 Pins & Submission
2008 DWW MOVIES-409 Leslie 4-0 Pins & Submission
2008 DWW MOVIES-402 Anastasia 4-0 Catfight
2008 DWW MOVIES-349 Lucille 5-1 Catfight
2008 DWW MOVIES-318 Kimbra 3-1 Pins only
2008 DWW MOVIES-314 Vladka 2-3 Catfight
2008 DWW MOVIES-289 Leslie 3-0 Pins only
2008 DWW MOVIES-279 Renata B. 0-3 Catfight
2008 DWW MOVIES-278 Gloria 2-1 Pins only
2007 DWW MOVIES-252 Edita 1-4 Pins & Submission
2007 DWW MOVIES-250 Gloria 1-3 Pins & Submission
2007 DWW MOVIES-220 Petra 0-11 Submission only
2007 DWW MOVIES-193 Jana N 0-3 Catfight
2007 DWW MOVIES-172 Dani 4-1 Submission only
2007 DWW MOVIES-120 Antonia 6-0 Pins only
2007 DWW MOVIES-119 Renata B. 0-2 Pins only
2007 DWW MOVIES-118 Renata B. 2-4 Catfight Topless Denise applies two headscissors but submits to three headscissors & a facesitting pin.
2006 DWW DWW-387 Laila 0-2 Catfight Topless "The Gladiators" theme.
Headscissors & bodyscissors submissions.
2005 DWW FOM397 Laila 1-5 Catfight Clothed to topless Laila was more in control the longer the bout lasted, punishing Denise with head and body scissors
2003 DWW DWW Summer Event 2003 Boxing Part 3 Barbara TKO Boxing Topless From DWW Summer 2003 Live Event. 60 second rounds. Denise punches Barbara into retirement after round six.
2001 DWW DWW-S2001-09 Barbara 0-3 Mud Wrestling Topless 10 count pins only. Denise pinned three times.
2000 DWW FOM319 Andrea N. 3-3 Pins and submissions Topless The two girls were closely matched in appearance and ability, and a draw was a fair result
2000 DWW DWW-407 Melanie 0-3 Pins only Topless Melanie upsets the much taller and more experienced opponent
2000 DWW DWW-399 Katka 4-1 Pins & Submissions Topless Denise with two bodyscissors, facesit pin and a cross-body pin, submits to bodyscissors
2000 DWW FOM-162 Laura S Body-press pins dominance (special rules) Topless Denise beats Laura by virtue of having spent more of the 25-minute bout in the dominant body-press position.
1998 DWW DWW-169-02 Smothering Sunday Janine 3-1 Pins Only Topless Extra rule: Hand on opponent's mouth during each pin. 30 mins in length.
1998 DWW EU-62 Office Rivalry: Secretarial Fights Renata 0-3 Catfight Blouse & Skirts Denise submits to three bodyscissors.
1998 DWW EU-61 Office Rivalry: The Swimsuit Catfights Renata 2-1 Catfight Swimsuit Denise applies two bodyscissors, submits to a rare double headscissors.
1998 DWW DWW-109 1998 WWC Catfights Nicole 3-2 Catfight Swimsuit Fight at the Women Wrestling Convention in San Diego.
1998 DWW EU-59 Vera 1-3 Pins & Submissions Swimsuit Denise applies bodyscissors but submits to two cross-body pins & bodyscissors.
1998 DWW DWW-97 Hairpulling Cat-Wrestlers Barbara 2-5 Catfight Topless Denise applies two bodyscissors but submits to three bodyscissors, boston crab & headscissors.
1997 DWW DWW-118 Tall Girl Tournament Susanne S 3-0 Pins & Submissions Topless Denise applies two headscissors & bodyscissors.
1997 DWW DWW-111 The Unforgiving Nicole 1-3 Pins & Submissions Topless Good win for Nicole at the DWW 1997 summer event.

Competitive mixed wrestling Record

A list of Denise's competitive F/M wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
2011 DWW DWW-MOVIES-1073 Milo 3-0 Pins & Submission Topless
2011 DWW DWW-MOVIES-1040 Dorian 8-0 Pins & Submission Topless
2010 DWW DWW-MOVIES-986 Ivan 2-3 Pins & Submission Topless
2010 DWW DWW-MOVIES-973 Valentin 6-0 Pins & Submission Topless
2010 DWW DWW-MOVIES-957 Marek 3-3 Pins & Submission Topless Match ended prematurely due to injury to Denise
2010 DWW DWW-MOVIES-848 Lupo 6-0 Pins & Submission Topless
2009 DWW DWW-MOVIES-749 Leo 7-1 Pins & Submission Topless
2009 DWW DWW-MOVIES-558 Borat 5-3 Crop top and shorts Topless
2008 DWW DWW-MOVIES-461 Max 7-2 Pins & Submission Topless
2008 DWW DWW-MOVIES-387 Patrick 5-4 Pins & Submission Topless
2007 DWW DWW-MOVIES-86 Ivan 5-6 Pins & Submission Topless Excellent performance by Denise, who gave tough Ivan a real run for this money in a competitive contest, before he stole the match by winning the final fall.
2006 DWW DWW-FOM-221 Richard 1-3 Pins & Submission Bikini
1999 DWW DWW-113 A Hard Man Is Good To Beat Patrick (2) 1-2 Pins & Submission Topless A different Patrick to one who wrestled in the latter days of DWW
DWW Denise, Cathy, Luzia & Antonia vs Petr 3-2 Pins and submissions Cheerleader Petr applies a bodyscissor to Denise and she applies a bodyscissor to him