Fighting Dolls

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Fighting Dolls

©Fighting Dolls
Location Brno, Czechia
Years active 2012 - present

Fighting Dolls is a wrestling and boxing video producer based in Brno, Czech Republic, owned, operated and maintained by Marek Klima who was previously heavily involved with DWW. It is one of the most active of all the currently functioning companies, constantly adding to its already massive (3700+) catalogue of matches. For the first few years of its existence it produced only wrestling/catfighting videos, but in more recent times it has also produced a sizeable number of boxing videos. Most videos are shot in their own studio but the company also holds at least one public event every year where the girls can fight in front of a live audience.

Notable Fighters

Fighting Dolls emerged at about the same time DWW was closing down and a number of ex-DWW girls moved to the new company to form a core membership - these included Kim-Ly, Edita, Eva N., Luna, Emanuella, Mel and Mary-Ann. The company now boasts a considerable roster of fighters, and in total over 180 different girls have appeared in their productions.